Inside Her Story: An Update With Sophia Nelson On R. Kelly Allegations


R. Kelly is under fire as four more women have come out accusing him of abuse. A few weeks ago a woman who remains unknown came out against R Kelly and accused him of giving her an STD. She has since filed a civil suit against him.

Jacque Reid is going Inside Her Story with author, journalist and attorney Sophia Nelson about an update on that case and the evidence that follows.

“They have more than recordings. They actually have text messages,” explained Nelson. “He did what is allegedly typical behavior for him. He reached out to her, told her to, ‘make her way and find daddy…’ His team was trying to out the girl on NPR by saying, ‘hey this woman is not credible. She still wants to be with R. Kelly…What they didn’t know is that they were being recorded on the criminal investigation side and the civil side.”

Nelson made an important point about Black men not stepping up to defend Black women in instances like this.

“Our brothers have not been holding each other accountable and when we hold them accountable we are attacked,” explained Nelson. “This is the first time a Black man is being held accountable by Black women.”


Timeline Of R. Kelly’s Sexual Assault Accusations
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3 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: An Update With Sophia Nelson On R. Kelly Allegations

  1. Heels on said:

    Wait, these ladies are not so innocent. They know what Kelly was always about and still sought him out. The two now talking loud on tv should have known better too. One quit her job to be with him. Come on now. Are you really that dumb or did you see $$$$? Now she’s writing a book too. Please. They make real women look bad.

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