Inside Her Story: Tarana Burke Responds To Sophia Nelson On R. Kelly


On Jacque’s last segment of Inside Her Story, she talked with Sophia Nelson, an attorney and author, about the latest allegations against R. Kelly. During the interview, Nelson called out Tarana Burke and her MeToo movement for not doing enough.

Burke caught wind of this and got into a nasty Twitter battle over it. Jacque is going Inside Her Story with Burke on her response to Nelson and what the #MeToo movement has done.

“I think people mischaracterized what the #MeToo movement is,” explained Burke. “We serve mostly Black and brown girls and then women.”

Concerning R. Kelly, Burke challenges what the Black community finds important. “We have to question what is more valuable. The lives and livelihood of Black women and girls or music,” explained Burke. “Is it worth it to u?.”


Timeline Of R. Kelly’s Sexual Assault Accusations
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3 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Tarana Burke Responds To Sophia Nelson On R. Kelly

  1. tdouthard on said:

    With all of the claims being alleged and Kelly hasn’t been convicted, what does The Tom Joyner Morning Show base it’s not playing R Kelly’s music anymore from??? Allegations alone???

    • I don’t know about you doc, but seeing this pile of turds getting his rocks off by pissing on a young girl would most definitely cause me to cease putting his records in the rotation. Just sayin’.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Did you just move to planet Earth??? I’m going to believe that you are being sarcastic…yeah, I’m going with that.

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