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Stevie Wonder 

It should come as no surprise that Stevie Wonder isn’t impressed with Kanye West‘s over the top and ridiculous views on slavery as well as President Trump’s proposed race summit.

TMZ got with the Wonder man on Saturday at LAX and asked what he thought of West’s controversial comment. Yes, that knuckleheaded one about 400 years of slavery being a choice that black people made after a certain point.

You can also tell the he’s not having it with Kanye’s position on the subject — he even says as much by calling it “foolishness” … adding that if you know your history, you don’t listen to such BS.

Stevie was also asked if he’d attend a Trump-hosted meeting at the White House to discuss racial issues. Stevie made it clear he was in the HELL-TO-THE-NAW column on this one.



(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

10 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Is Not Here For Kanye West’s Slavery Views

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    TMZ is about that mess. Gosh who watches this stuff. Always tracking people down to show them in a bad light. Also I didn’t hear Stevie say, hell to the naw. He simply said, “no.”

  2. The Truth on said:

    No Disrespect but even a blind man who can hear and feel in his heart the struggle and death of All Our Ancestors. Even in the world today we are treated and killed like dogs. This is our choice…I don’t know and don’t want to know Kanye but for any black man to speak those words Hurts my heart. It’s really Sad and Hurtful. My Auntie is 95 years old and her pains and stories in her life was Not A Choice. Please learn your history or talk to those who experienced those awful pains. We can experience some of the hatred now..Real Sad.

  3. Phyllis on said:

    Trump’s proposed race summit will be nothing but a photo op to be seen with “the Blacks”. He cares about nothing and no one but himself and getting that fat ass to the golf course every weekend. SOB

  4. S.D. on said:

    Stevie Morris “Wonder” is a gift set in the earth and one not to be wasted on the ignorant follies of the likes of Kanye or 45. His mission in the earth is far greater than what either of them can conceive.

  5. Sylvia on said:

    You know Stevie ain’t having no parts of idiot Kayne nor Orange faced circus clowns Bullshit!!! We wit you Mr Morris!!! My Man ❤️

  6. Leslie on said:

    Screw almost everyone AT TMZ! It’s a damned shame that between all of the people standing around listening to Kanye’s foolishness, including the BLACK MAN assisting with the interview, only ONE REAL MAN had the sense enough to speak up to him, and correct his idiocy! Now had Kanye asserted the claim that the Holocaust was a “choice”, I’ll bet Harvey Levin’s as* would have been ALL OVER that! Bunch of amoral opportunists!

  7. I’m with u Stevie. That idiot occupying the WH can care less about race relations in this racist country. Yeah i said it!!!!?

  8. Passing Through!! on said:

    Even a blind man has more vision than Koonye, you know Stevie Mr. Wonder ain’t with that coon s**t, never has been.

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