Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Election Day saw Tennessee vote in favor of prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime, bot not everyone said yes.

Airbnb has come under major scrutiny recently after some listings proudly boasted about being built on the grounds of former slave cabins.

An educators group out of Texas suggested that the word "slavery" be retaught to second graders as "involuntary relocation." 

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court approved a Black woman's right to sue Harvard for profiting off images of her enslaved ancestors.

Black America's fight for reparations due to slavery may soon come to an end in California if the state’s Reparations Task Force has its way.

A new exhibition in Louisiana is dedicated to honoring the 272 enslaved people sold by Georgetown founders in order to pay off school debts. 

Gadsden’s Wharf, a former slave docking port in Charleston, will soon get a positive makeover as the International African American Museum.

An eighth grade teacher at San Francisco's predominately white Creative Arts Charter School was allegedly suspended after missing five weeks of school following pushback on a lesson about slavery that involved bringing in cotton plants.

Keke Palmer plays a woman enslaved on a plantation in 19th century Georgia in her new movie 'Alice,' which she says is “not trauma porn.”


Lisa Cook, a Michigan State University economics professor, is facing a racist smear campaign on the road to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors amid reports that she has called for Black Americans to receive reparations for years of economic discrimination and slavery.


A 103-year-old grandmother has gone viral after sharing her experience picking cotton as a teenager.