R&B veterans Bobby Brown and Tank officially join the list of performers at the upcoming 2024 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise!

Media icon Tom Joyner stopped by 'Sherri' for a candid talk, including how he almost joined The Commodores and Fantastic Voyage 2023 details.

Fantastic Voyage

"Uncle" Charlie, a 13-time time grammy nominated singer will join Stevie Wonder and Ms. Lauryn Hill on the 2023 Fantastic Voyage®!

Another Fantastic Voyage alumni tell us her story of going since the very first cruise, and even meeting her now-fiancé onboard 12 years ago.

Watkins and Yolander Smith were two strangers when they met in the hot tub during the 2011 Fantastic Voyage and, well, the rest is history!

It’s the Fantastic Voyage 20 in 2021 Virtual “Jazzy Christmas” Concert with Fantastic Voyage cruise house band Natural Change. This concert will get you into the holiday spirit with their unique blend of R&B, Smooth Jazz and Funk sound. Check it out above and share it with your friends and family!

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There’s always a lot going on on the Fantastic Voyage and folks leave with some of the most amazing memories. One couple left the 2019 cruise with a little more than they came with…they made a baby! Passengers Lou and Tanicka are having a Fantastic Voyage baby; and they asked the TJMS crew to share […]

If you’ve ever been on the Fantastic Voyage or to Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion, odds are you’ve met or at least seen John McCray. He started the practice squad and was leader who was called “the practice coach” by so many. It started in 2002 with 25 members and today the Practice Team has over […]

When your friends hurt your feelings it’s almost worse than heartbreak! Donnell Rawlings’ feelings are hurt because he feels like Tom doesn’t want to support him because he’s ashy. He has been trying to get on the Fantastic Voyage for his whole career but Tom, “never ever had an ashy brother on that cruise,” he […]

Charlie Wilson has come back home! He has returned to the Fantastic Voyage for the 20th anniversary and Tom is so excited! Wilson performed on the first 10 cruises at 3 am and the place was always packed. He puts on such a great show and everyone is glad to have him back for this […]