We all remember how it went down in Mexico for the family vacation once the girls’ dad, Michael Braxton, Sr., shows up with his new wife, Ms. Wanda. All hell damn near breaks loose once Ms. Evelyn finds out she’s there.  Now, since Kevin and Olivia’s baby shower is right around the corner, and they both have a great relationship with their grandfather, of course they want him there. Everyone knows how much of a disaster that will be so Traci is now faced with the dilemma of inviting daddy but, disinviting Ms. Wanda. That won’t go over too well.  We’ll have to wait for it.

Meanwhile, Traci is trying to get in shape so she can be ready for this upcoming tour with big sis, Toni. She takes Trina and Towanda with her to a private jump rope session with a trainer where they just stand there and watch as Traci jumps. (SMH)

Towanda’s new boo is still a mystery but, according to her, he is doing his job and “cockling, doodling, and doing the do” – whatever that means.

This is her response when Tamar asks at lunch what’s the real deal between she and this new secret man.  The real question is, Tamar what is the real deal with you and Vince? Of course the question is asked but she’s still not answering. She’s even claiming that they’re not even having sex and her number one priority is their son Logan.

Okay Tamar.

We’re still waiting for Towanda to drop this bomb on Tamar about this lawsuit. Come on wit’ it ladies.




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