She comes up with the idea to have their father walk Toni down the aisle, half way, and have her sons, Denim and Diesel, walk her down the rest of the way. She says her party planning is always “poppin and classy.” But, Towanda also wants to have her hand in the mix and the girls seem to think Towanda is way more organized than Tamar.  Why can’t they both do it? Tamar doesn’t want to share.

To make matters worse, Toni is already passing the buck on to her sister Towanda to set her wedding date. (Where they do that at?)

Towanda receives a real gangsta-bully phone call from Birdman letting her know he’s not playing around with this wedding date. He doesn’t have time for that. He needs to know the date so he can get that date tattooed on an already non-tattooed part of his forehead. He’s ready.

Though Toni is not feeling the idea of a tattoo on B’s forehead, she’s seems to be just as excited and ready for the wedding. She’s deciding on whether or not she should wear white, or something in the white family. She’s even picking out the right flowers. She’s putting things in motion for this wedding but, doesn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm or availability for Traci and her duchess baby shower.

Since Diesel has just landed a principle role in a film, Toni will be on set with him and won’t be around to participate in all the family fun. She may be dodging a bullet with that one.

This baby shower seems like a Braxton catastrophe in the making and it has everything to do with those invited and their plus one.

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