Q:        How come the USPTF gives PSA screening a D and tells physicians not to test? Also, Medicare will make the patients sign an ABN and will not cover the test.

A:        The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) actually issued a new draft recommendation in 2017 in which they changed from a D grade to a C grade. The current version recommends shared decision-making about PSA, which means that patients and physicians should have a discussion about the pros and cons of screening.

Q:        I take two tamlosin capsules for my prostrate issue.  However, I’m still getting up 3 to 4 times each night to urinate. Does that mean my meds are not working?

A:        Tamsulosin is a medication used for treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. Night-time urination may be due to prostate enlargement, but may also be due to other health conditions and lifestyle factors. It is best to see a doctor for evaluation into the cause of your persistent symptoms and determine the appropriate management.

Q:        Any special concerns regarding or changes in sexual practices with your partner suggested after prostate cancer diagnosis or during treatment (i.e., condom wear, oral sex, etc.)?

A:        There are no specific recommendations for a change in sexual behavior after prostate cancer diagnosis. Some forms of prostate cancer treatment have a risk of erectile dysfunction. If that occurs, there are many different management options that you can discuss with your doctor.

Q:        Does a plant-based diet help with all of these diseases?

A:        A plant-based diet is generally thought to be beneficial for health. There is some evidence that cruciferous vegetables are good for the prostate. Overall, a balanced diet and exercise that is heart-healthy is also prostate-healthy.

Q:        Ask Dr. Loeb if there is scientific proof that eating a plant-based diet mitigates cancer?

A:        There is no definitive evidence that a plant-based diet will affect the course of prostate cancer. However, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise are certainly beneficial to overall longevity and may reduce some side effects of cancer treatment.

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