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Rashon Nelson, left, and Donte Robinson

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Two black men arrested for sitting at a Philadelphia Starbucks without ordering anything settled with the city Wednesday for a symbolic $1 each and a promise from officials to set up a $200,000 program for young entrepreneurs.

The men’s lawyer and Mayor Jim Kenney outlined the agreement to The Associated Press.

“I am pleased to have resolved the potential claims against the city in this productive manner,” Kenney said. “This was an incident that evoked a lot of pain in our city and put us under a national spotlight for unwanted reasons.”

The arrest of Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson on April 12 touched off a furor around the U.S. over racial profiling. They were led away in handcuffs after the manager called police, saying the men refused to buy anything or leave. After spending hours in jail, they were released and no charges were filed.

The men said they were waiting at the coffee shop in the city’s well-to-do Rittenhouse Square neighborhood for a business meeting with a third man about a potential real estate opportunity.

The mayor said Nelson and Robinson approached the city about working together to “make something positive come of this.” The entrepreneur program will be for Philadelphia public high school students.

“We thought long and hard about it and we feel like this is the best way to see that change that we want to see,” Robinson said. “It’s not a right-now thing that’s good for right now, but I feel like we will see the true change over time.”

During the uproar, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson came to Philadelphia to apologize to the men. He also announced that more than 8,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S. would close on the afternoon of May 29 so nearly 175,000 employees can get training in unconscious bias.



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7 thoughts on “Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Settle For $200k Program

  1. 1) Add 30 million Black Folks
    2) Every one buys 1 share ($57.68) of Starbucks Stock for each member our immediate family
    3) Guess who now has controlling shares in Starbucks NASDAQ: SBUX — us
    4) We take over the board and elect our own to run the company
    5) our board members (who work for us) set the policy
    6) Problem solved
    7) Rinse and repeat.

  2. Total BS this program will soon go by the way side once AA students get involved due to the hatred of the white control freaks. The two men should totally be in charge of the program.

  3. SheCat54 on said:

    Peckerwoods are going to find a way to be in control of the program and once again young brown skin girls/boys are going to be under their control. We can’t do nothing without them putting their corrupt hands in the mix. This is not worth it get a check and start your own program and make sure no peckerwoods are involved! They f*c* up everything positive we try do. We already know the history of these evil crooks.

  4. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    I was thinking it would be a great program that is if the implement it… We shall be watching to see…

  5. If I were these two men, I would get that agreement in WRITING.
    Mayor Kenney has been in total DENIAL regarding this incident and the racial climate in Philadelphia.

    Kenney thinks that everything is FINE in the City of “Brotherly Luv and Sisterly Affection.”—

    Philly is one of the UGLIEST/RACIST cities on the east coast.

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