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Oprah Winfrey is being sued by a pastor and a screenwriter who claim the OWN series “Greenleaf” is a ripoff of their idea.

According to TheWrap, the suit, filed in federal court in California by Shannan Lynette Wynn and Pastor Lester Eugene Barrie, states the two teamed up to create a TV drama called “Justice & Glory,” and they met with Oprah’s team at OWN in the fall 2014 to pitch their idea … and got great feedback.

According to the docs, OWN picked their brain for more ideas and versions of their pitch but eventually cut them off. Years later, they claim “Greenleaf” premiered and featured the exact same characters and storylines from their original pitch.

The suit calls the defendants’ actions “blatant” and “arrogant.”

“[T]hey didn’t even seek to hide the theft; they used the same character names, and copied verbatim unique and novel storylines, themes, subplots and the overall tone of the show. They even named their antagonist after Plaintiff Pastor Barrie (Pastor Basie in ‘Greenleaf’),” the suit reads.

“The setting of Defendants’ ‘Greenleaf’ is identical to that of Plaintiffs’ ‘Justice & Glory. ‘ Both shows are dramas that take place in the South and center around a powerful, African-American family dynasty and their sprawling megachurch,” the complaint adds. “The families of both shows live together in a mansion-style home sitting on a large plot of land, have private jets and live an affluent lifestyle. Their lives all center around the mega-church activities and people affiliated with the church in one aspect or another.”

Wynn and the pastor are asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.



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6 thoughts on “Pastor Sues Oprah Over ‘Greenleaf’

  1. Wow…sounds like the plaintiffs have a convincing case. I know Hollywood and TV producers are drunk with power & can do so much wrong with their platforms, but I didnt expect that from O

  2. randy j on said:

    The same thing happen to me I pitched a show to OWN and the next thing I knew a show called Where are they now came about. smh all they did was change the name.

  3. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    I believe them! I have had songs stolen by famous artist and because I had no copy write just a computer generalized date when I wrote it and that is not good enough for some courts. Pay the money Billionaire Oprah that is EVIL. I also submitted some show ideals to a very popular show and they used them and did not pay me a dime. It’s on FOX now called Star. So, this does happen more often then you might think.

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