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Ja’Mal Green

The city of Chicago could be getting a new mayor in 2019 and not just any mayor, but a millennial mayor.

22-year-old Ja’Mal Green has entered the race to be Chicago’s next mayor and is determined to bring change despite his young age according to Blavity. If anything he believes being a millennial gives him a better advantage in the race.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun -TimesGreen expressed, “Millennials all over the world are stepping up and taking charge.” He continues, “In the environment, we’re in today, Chicago needs change, corruption needs to end, we need a modern approach to politics in Chicago.”

Green wants to focus on making neighborhood schools stronger, invest in mental health centers, incorporate a better system to monitor police, decriminalize marijuana and get elected boards for Chicago schools.

On April 6, Green’s team filed papers with the Illinois State Board of Elections to bring his campaign committee Green For Chicago to life. Green was the CEO of Majostee Allstars youth center in Chicago but stepped down to focus his efforts on the mayor’s race.

A big supporter of Bernie Sanders, Green took a liking to his 2016 presidential campaign style of grassroots politics. He’s been handing out flyers at bus stops around the city.

Green will have to secure 12,500 signatures in order to get onto the mayoral ballot and can begin on August 28.


African American Politicians Who Kill The Game
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(Source: Blavity & Chicago Sun -Times)

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

9 thoughts on “BLM Activist Ja’Mal Green Is Running For Mayor Of Chicago

  1. DoomedUSA on said:

    He should be fine. After all, all you need to be is a democrat, socialist or communist minded, secular progressive, pro-LGBT+++, Anti-American and Godless to boot!! With those outstanding attributes, he should be a shoo in!!

  2. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    @MACDADDY you are false or incorrect. Obama spent his life in politics. Do your research! And he lifted this country up in the face of racist like you.

  3. Marilyn on said:

    Why doesn’t he start with another office and work himself up? Chicago is no city for amateurs. We could use him, but he needs some experience under his belt to be mayor.

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