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It seems Snoop Dogg has a fan in controversial megachurch preacher Creflo Dollar. The popular pastor rebuked his congregation recently about judging Snoop for his recent gospel effort The Bible Of Love. Despite the support of several gospel artists who appeared on the release with him, including gospel stalwarts like John P. Kee, The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell and Tye Tribbert, the project has been received with its fair share of controversy.

The Christian Post reports:

Preaching on “The Spirit of Grace” on Sunday, Dollar pointed out that the church should not be about focusing on one’s sins but on God’s grace. He further pointed to the church’s reaction to Snoop Dogg as a perfect example of how judgmental Christians can be of people who fail to meet a perceived standard of righteousness.

“I’m gonna say something publicly. I don’t know if I’m really correct in saying this but I want to say something publicly. Recently, a man in California, he’s a rapper, in fact, he’s known as a legend, they call him, I think his nickname is Snoop Dogg. He just released a gospel album to minister to people because his grandmamma ministered to him and he had it on the inside of him. Isn’t it sad that he received rejection and flak and ‘how y’all gon’ support somebody like this after what they did and what they said?’ What’s wrong with us?” Dollar asked.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus and is known for promoting a licentious lifestyle, released his double gospel album called The Bible of Love last month to much controversy, despite his claim that he is a changed man.

The Post also reported that Snoop was upset with the church criticism he’s received.

The devil is a liar. I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners,” he told TV One. “If you find someone trying to find their way back home, the natural thing would be to accept him with open arms. We not gonna throw stones while you trying to get right and walking back into the church house.

“That’s what’s running people away from church right now as we speak: We’re trying to get people back in church with a different perspective of come as you are, show love. We show love, we give love,” he continued. “What about you? Have you checked your status? Are you going to Heaven? Why are you judging me? How much have you done for the Lord?”





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7 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Defends Snoop’s Gospel Album

  1. Do y’all ever listen at the contemporary gospel music of today. And the way the musicians insert r and b music in it. Have you heard the gospel electric slide. And y’all got the nerves to talk about snoop. We all are sinners whom have fallen short. Give me a d@mn break!!!!

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    No shade, just a dialogue. Parents be careful what you let your kids embrace. Snoop said he joined Islam and then Rastafarian. I’ve never heard him say, he was a born again Christian and gave his life to Christ. It’s interesting when people try to throw a stone at Christians who say, don’t use us, by trying to sell us stuff. Born again believers have a right to question what you’re selling their kids. If sales of you’re music isn’t what you want it to be, stop throwing off on black people. Snoop is richer than the average person on this thread. I don’t care if he hands out a million turkeys, it won’t absolve him or anyone of sin. Don’t try to shame Christians by using phrases to prey on their core beliefs. People are fleeing the church because of prosperity preachers like Creflo. The Shepherd isn’t leading the flock but fleecing them. The Shepherd isn’t walking among them, but convinced you that he should fly in a luxury jet. Times have changed, but the Word was then and the Word is now. Creflo is selling goods in the house of the Lord. God went into the Temple and told them it wasn’t to be so. Stop trying to make the Word fit your lifestyle- adjust your lifestyle to the Word. Just my 2cents.

    • Donna Johnson on said:

      …and your point is…? There we go again…! All you LOSERS do is sit back and ridicule… What have YOU done to make a positive contribution to society… You all are up in arms about marijuana and ALCOHOL and cigarettes KILL thousands EVERYDAY. NO I HAVE NEVER SMOKED ANYTHING NOR EVER HAD A DRINK IN MY LIFE… PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK!!! You are quick to point out SNOOP’s shortcomings… WHAT ARE YOURS…?

  3. Belynda Brunson on said:

    Church folks get upset when Gospel artist go to secular artist on a project. Snoop came to the church and is singing a message about God. We as church folks are so judgmental and self righteous. Receive the message and stop looking at the messenger because if the truth be told, a lot of people preaching, laying hands on folks, prophesying is gonna find themselves in that lake of fire. Lets learn how to love, respect and honor each other. God gave the gift and the talent and the vessel. Snoops album is great and I am old school COGIC but I know how to be receptive to change.

  4. Snoop has changed? If so, how? In any case, Creflo Dollar (what a name for a controversial preacher!) is wrong to say that it is all about grace. Grace is only supposed to be expected if one has the WORKS or morality to justify it. If Snoop has truly changed, more power to him. But it sounds to me that a lot of Christians are being bamboozled once again.

    • Donna Johnson on said:

      All you SO- CALLED Christians who want to crucify Snoop… Who are you to judge him? He without sin cast the first stone… Peter was a murderer… Mary was a whore… Jesus died for the sinner… You all are the reason the church is in such a crisis today and lacks the power it once had… SHUT TO HELL UP AND LEAVE SNOOP ALONE… If you don’t want to hear his music, change your radio station. SING SNOOP! SING…!

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