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What are the percentage of my wife getting dementia if her mother and grandmother have it. My wife is diabetic and has high blood pressure.

Her risk is definitely increased because the strong family history and diabetes. Her risk is about 50 percent higher than someone who does not have her family history.

My mother’s mother and father had dementia. We have had her screened but she is able to fool the doctors. Is that possible?

A: If a person has a higher education level sometimes traditional cognitive testing is not as useful in detecting dementia. You could ask your physician if he would refer your mother to have neuropsych testing which a longer test but more sensitive test.


Our diets are main cause of dementia due to  corn and soybeans. The Mediterranean diet is great but expensive. Lacking tocopherol and tocotrinolin in our diets is the leading cause. What do you think about that? 

Plant-based diet are protective for general health.  No specific diet is known at this time to prevent dementia.

Dr Graham, What are top 3 favorite anti-inflammatory foods for healthy brain?

Any leafy green vegetable, pomegranates or any foods high in antioxidants.

Can stress cause dementia? I have a stressful job and lately I’ve become more forgetful and catch myself putting things that should be in the fridge in the pantry. Dementia and Parkinson’s disease have been recently diagnosed in both my father and brother respectively…. so, this appears to be on my paternal side. Also… I am a 54-year-old female. I have found keys in the fridge, glasses on my head, and as a “very busy” teacher it sometimes takes a second to remember some students” names.

I think that the stress from your job is likely contributing to your memory lapse. If this persists, then see your physician for cognitive screening.

Dr. Antonio Graham, is a geriatrician at the Atlanta V.A. medical center and an assistant professor of medicine and geriatrics at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Graham earned a bachelor of science in biology from Morehouse college, a master’s degree in neurobiology and physiology at Purdue university, and earned a doctorate in osteopathy at the Philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine.

He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of South Alabama Medical Center in mobile and a fellowship in geriatrics and gerontology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

You can find him on Instagram @geriagingexpert or on his website




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