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WHAT ARE THE SECRETS TO AGING WELL? A major key to aging well is exercise of some type, not necessarily a gym, but housework or gardening for at least 45 mins a majority days of the week can be of benefit. New studies suggest adults that are not socially isolated – those with family or […]

#WeSeeYou is’s new weekly series highlighting those unsung heroes of health who are doing something incredible that needs to be shown to the world.…

Tyler Perry is showing off a better version of himself for the world to see. On Sunday (Nov. 22), the 46-year-old entertainment mogul displayed a noticeable photo of his slimmed down physique dressed in blue swim trunks and proudly displaying his muscles on Facebook as he informed folks that he’s on the verge of reaching […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Dancer Misty Copeland is working on a health-and-fitness book. Grand Central Life & Style, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, announced Thursday that Copeland’s “Ballerina Body” is scheduled for 2017. Copeland, the first African-American woman to become the American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancer, is a member of President Barack Obama’s Council […]

The latest diet trend comes straight from the Bible. The “Daniel Diet” or sometimes referred to as the “God Diet” is inspired by the prophet Daniel who, as told in the Bible, fasted eating only water and vegetables which left him much healthier over other men who were eating meat and drinking wine at Babylon. […]

Having a heart is part of being human. We love with our hearts, we give with our hearts, we get our hearts broken and we feel it in our hearts when things are going wrong. Dr. Mehmet Oz may now be best known as a TV doctor and host of his own show, but he’s […]

For IPAD/IPOD users: Star Jones has reason to be excited about life these days. Not only is the TV personality working on a new multi-host talk show that she’s already shot the pilot for, she’s in the best heart health of her life. For Jones, though, that came after a lot of struggle. “I’m in […]

Former Surgeon General Regina Benjamin has a new gig. The nation’s head doctor is on her way to Xavier University to continue her mission to improve public health. “As you know I’m a longtime champion of the power of prevention and it was the foundation of my work as Surgeon General,” Benjamin told The Tom […]

Things have been crazy busy here in RAD Universe lately, and some days I be strugglin’ to get my five servings of fruits and veggies…