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My mother-in-law has dementia and Parkinson’s. She has good memory but may possibly be in early stage of dementia. My question is. What stage of dementia causes a patient goes to the bathroom in herself? She is only 63.

Parkinson’s related dementia is different from Alzheimer’s dementia. Incontinence or the inability to control ones urine or feces is very common in advancing dementia.

My father has dementia – his mother, father and 2 of my aunts have it as well. Do I need to be worried? 

I would have a cognitive screen done by your Physician and tell them of your extensive family history of dementia.

My mom died with dementia at 87 and she ate the same thing every day at the same time. I’m 56 and I have to do the same routine every day in the same order or I will forget something. If I have something to talk to my husband about I have to write it down or I will forget by the time I reach him. Do I need to be concerned?

My recommendation based on what you have said is that this is likely normal aging, but it would not be a bad idea to have cognitive testing done by your physician.

I have a question for the doctor. Is it true that women who give oral sex are less likely to have dementia when they get older??? [Editor’s note: What man came up with that one?]

No data to support that activity decreases ones chance of getting dementia.

My dad has dementia and he has episodes of manic behavior like ranting about money being stolen. He accuses me and my mom because we are the only ones in the house. When we tell him no one has stolen from him, he starts to get violent (shouting, throwing things, and cussing). What can we do to dispel this behavior? I’m afraid he may try to hurt my Mom while I’m at work. What can I do?

Paranoia and agitation are common behavioral problems associated with dementia. Please take him to see your physician primary care doctor or neurologist for help with managing his behaviors.

 I have rheumatoid arthritis and wonder if this increases my risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

Some studies suggest that any pro inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid or diabetes can increase ones risk of Dementia but not any direct studies related to rheumatoid. However, keeping your rheumatoid arthritis under control can definitely help.

In 2015, a family member was diagnosed with MCI and is now taking Aricept. Is this the correct medication for MCI?

Yes, Aricept is the only medication indicated for MCI/mild to moderate dementia.

I had a doctor tell me that my mom’s dementia was probably caused by stroke is that possible?

Yes, dementia can be caused by a stroke. It is called vascular dementia but disease course is similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

Is forgetting childhood activities and childhood friends signs of dementia?

Not necessarily a sign, but if you feel that has become progressively worst in the last few years and you’re having other difficulty remembering things it may be worth seeing your physician and having a cognitive testing done.

Are there any foods that I can eat to prevent dementia?

There are no specific foods that help prevent dementia but a healthy majority plant-based diet is beneficial.

How common is Lewy Body dementia? I had never heard of it before 3 yrs. ago.

Lewy body is less common form of 3-5% of dementia cases in America

My ex-husband is a postal carrier. He was at work and he got his mail together to take out and forgot where to go. Later, he returned to office and the supervisor asked him why he brought the mail back and they got into an argument. He was suspended and was asked to see a doctor before returning to work!He has been on his job 18 Years!  forgets his wallet, his cell phone!

He should be evaluated as soon as possible by a physician for dementia.

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