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Are there any advancements in finding a cure for dementia?

Unfortunately many people around the world are studying to find a cure but as of now no cure has been found.

My granddad is 89 and has dementia. Is it true that people with dementia sometimes act like a young kid?

Yes, people with dementia can become childlike as the disease advances. They sometimes will act out because they cannot express themselves the way the used to because of the disease.

My dad has lost his keys, cell phones and badge for work at least 20 times. He was always forgetful. His 82. Can you tell me if this could be a touch of Alzheimer? Thanks

If he is able to eventually find his keys, cell phone and badge it may be normal aging. However, having a cognitive evaluation by his primary care doctor or a geriatrician could be helpful.

Please ask the Doctor I if cussing is part of dementia? My husband was diagnosed with dementia back in 2013. He is so disrespectful on all levels!

Unfortunately, behavioral disturbances such as cursing and sometimes hitting can be a part of the disease. If it becomes a bigger problem, or if you feel unsafe, please see your doctor for help with managing these behaviors.

What can I do or eat to age well? I’m in my early 50s and I would like to know what to do as I go further in life?

Having a balanced diet along with aerobic exercise or resistance training 30-45 minutes majority days of the week (3-4 )have been found to be protective.

I wanted to ask the doctor or should I be tested? Sometimes when I’m driving, I forget where I’m going or I’m in a familiar place that I’ve driven to numerous times, but it doesn’t look familiar.

I think that would be definitely worth having an evaluation by your physician.

My dad ran every morning for at least 20 years and spoke 3 different languages and still suffered from Alzheimer’s during his last years = Are there any other tips for warding off the disease?

Unfortunately, sometimes even with all of the known preventive measures, people still develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Does dementia eventually cause physical problems, like the inability to walk or stand for 1 minute?

Yes, dementia does eventually cause issues with motor functions – examples include balance and walking.

Is it true that using deodorants high in aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s or dementia?

I have not seen any data/research to support that as a cause.

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