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What are the best supplements for dementia?

None of the supplements have been proven by research to be beneficial.

Does smoking marijuana cause dementia?

Smoking marijuana has been shown to effect short term memory

 Doc what about cumulative effect of sleeping meds taken years ago? And any diet or supps with good chance of halting further loss of cognitive ability?

There is no evidence that sleeping aids can cause dementia and no evidence that supplements can halt dementia. Plant-based diets are helpful for general health benefits lower risk of diabetes and high blood pressure which can lower ones risk of dementia.

Is it true that trauma can bring on premature dementia? A friend developed it in his 30’s after a false arrest. He died.

Yes, any type of trauma to the head can put one at risk of dementia.

Good morning doctor, I am 52 and a couple of years ago I started having problems remembering words. I know what I want to say but I can’t remember the word. Is that something I should be concerned about?

I think that you should have a cognitive screening done by your primary care doctor. The test you would need are MMSE or MOCA.

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