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Dora Milaje of “Black Panther”

A female warrior Black Panther inspired drama is in the works with Sony Pictures Television and Africa’s Ebony Life.

According to Deadline Both studios are working together to develop three scripted TV projects of a series inspired by the Dahomey Warriors. These women are similar to the Dora Milaje who protect T’Challa in Black Panther.

The Dahomey Warriors are known as the all-female warrior group out of Western Africa. What started out as a small hunting group to get food while their husbands were away at war soon became personal bodyguards to local kings. It’s believed that the inspiration and direction for the Dora Milaje came from them.

The project is set to start immediately with the other two to follow. In addition to Ebony Life working Sony on this project, Sony will make a version of their game show The Dating Game for Ebony Life in Nigeria.

“We have the opportunity to bring the fascinating story of the Dahomey Warriors, and many others like it, to audiences around the world,” explained Mo Abudu CEO of Ebony Life. “It has been hard work getting here, but that’s what we’re known for at Ebony Life.”

Wayne Garvie, President of International Productions for Sony Pictures expressed his excitement for working with Ebony Life on this project.

“Mo Abudu is one of the most formidable and creative figures in Nigerian television, and with Ebony Life, she and the team are creating something that is truly groundbreaking and extraordinary,” said Garvie. “Our aim is to help Ebony Life create a portfolio of African content that will fulfill their aim of being one of Africa’s prime creator of premium content.”




(Source:  Deadline)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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