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Looks like the tables have turned on day time talk show host Wendy Williams who wasn’t ready for it all.

During her show, BET reports that Williams who’s usually doing the gossip and celebrity bash sessions got some shade thrown her way by guest Roseanne Barr. Barr came on the show to promote the return of the 1980’s show Roseanne.

Williams began drilling Barr about her ex-husband, Tom Arnold, who was recently asked by The Hollywood Reporter to give a review of her shows comeback. Williams wanted to know if they were in a good place to which Barr answered no because of the review.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for Williams who kept on digging about their marriage even when Barr tried to change the subject. Fed up Barr landed a big one on Williams when she said, “I don’t like talking about husbands, right Wendy.”

Definitely implying about the craziness that Williams experienced in her own marriage recently. Rumors are still high of her husband Kevin Hunter cheating on her with his therapist. Williams’ face told it all; she was completely caught off guard and tried to regain her focus.

It looks Williams might have met her match!



(Source: BET)

(Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP, File)

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