Shaun King: What Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Is Doing Is Radical


When officials are elected to office as the District Attorney with promises of changing the landscape for better and bringing equality and justice to the people who need, it’s often times met with a slow working process.

Shaun King talks about Civil Rights attorney Larry Krasner, the district attorney elected for Philadelphia, has done the exact opposite in his city.

Since coming into office in January he’s fired 31 prosecutors who he says did not believe in what he was trying to get done in the city. He also released the names of 66 officers who he’s placed on a “do not call list” who found to be, “tainted and unreliable as witnesses.”  On top of that Krasner put his support out for the release of Meek Mill.

Of those things, King says that Krasner did something truly radical in his short time in office. He released a, “5 page guiding document of new policies,”  to his staff that was later made public explained King.

“These policies are an effort to end mass incarceration and bring balance back to sentencing,”  is the first sentence in the document that King believes explains it all. Take a look at the document below.








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3 thoughts on “Shaun King: What Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Is Doing Is Radical

  1. politically correct on said:

    WOW!! I love this man!! Where has he been all my life! We need these types of DA’s in every state in this country!!!!

  2. Kudo’s to DA Krasner.

    Amerykah’s prisons are the new PLANTATION.

    Since most if not all prisons are now privately owned–they are getting FREE LABOR-PRISONERS.

    This country has the highest INCARCERATION rate of any third world country-with the majority of folks being PEOPLE OF COLOR.

    If more jurisdictions took a page from Larry Krasner, it would decrease the amount of people in our jails!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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