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Hannibal Buress

While performing a set at Loyola University Chicago, comedian Hannibal Buress’s microphone was cut off for making a crude joke.

Pitchfork reports Burress’ mic was cut off because he made a joke about the history of the Catholic Church with molestation and sexual abuse. Loyola University is a Catholic school and it didn’t find Buress’ joke very funny.

He told the joke after sharing an email he received from the university which asked that he didn’t discuss, “rape, sexual assault, race, sexual orientation/gender,” or illegal drugs” during his set.

When his mic got cut off he continued trying to perform only to have the music turned up until he walked off stage. The crowd could be heard shouting, “We want refunds,” as he exited.

Buress later returned back on stage and made jokes about his mic getting turned off. Neither Buress ‘or the school have made a comment about the incident.



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(Source: Pitchfork)

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5 thoughts on “Hannibal Buress’ Mic Cuts Out After Catholic Church Joke

  1. Mary Boone on said:

    Well who started this sensitivity anyway, Michael Jackson? Come on, y’all know y’all protest over the least thing – monkey see, monkey do!

  2. With all those rules and regulations I’m surprise he took the gig, it’s like a choir director telling you how to sing a song like he or she would sing it instead of letting you do you, or another minister telling t d Jakes how to preAch a sermon, or your brother or sister telling you what type of furniture to put in your home and don’t have the same taste as you have. Let individuals Be themselves.

    • Yep. I wouldn’t hire TD Jakes to come to my nightclub and entertain my audience. He wouldn’t be being himself. But then again, I don’t think he would have agreed to my request to get on stage and shake his ass and then start sermonizing. Buress should have simply declined.

  3. If he agreed to honor their wishes regarding the topics not to be discussed, they did exactly what they should have done. If he couldn’t be funny without making crude jokes about sex abuse and molestation, he should have informed them and let them hire someone with a more extensive repertoire. He should have considered the venue. He wasn’t at the Comedy Club.

  4. Hey Catholic school, I am not nad at Hannibal but mad at your ignorance instead. What the hell type performance did you think he would give? He is a comedian and what better set up than to talk about Catholic priests at a Catholic

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