Rev. Al Sharpton: What Does Rex Tillerson’s Exit Really Mean?


President Donald Trump has kicked Secretary Rex Tillerson out of the White House and continues to add to the long list of people who can’t seem to stick around. Rev. Al Sharpton believes that Tillerson’s exit was a deflection for the Presidents defeat in Pennsylvania.

Tillerson and Trump have shared difference of opinions on a range of different issues on a regular basis. “Trump cannot stand anyone around that doesn’t totally toe the line to him,” explained Sharpton.

But the real tactic is in diverting people’s attention from specific issues that doesn’t make Trump look good.

“I think he’s trying to make moves that will deflect his defeats. He wanted to find a way to make sure the Stormy Daniels’ story was not in the news so he introduced the tariffs,” said Sharpton. “He really wants to flip the story.”


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7 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: What Does Rex Tillerson’s Exit Really Mean?

  1. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Trump can run but he can’t hide,
    Muller’s gonna GET is corrupt lieing backside.
    Sharpton is RIGHT
    The liar-in-chief is also us g so callexnegociations with N. Korea as a diversion too.

  2. The Truth on said:

    I don’t know how many more episodes will it take to see this man is really incompetent for this position. You think about your jobs and the player needed to perform that job or the value reach person brings. Do you feel if You don’t agree or can’t voice your opinion you should be Fired. Those are Bully Tactics os Not the way Real Lwaders run a country and its Wrong and its Dangerous because alot of those person get access to important information and people then their out of there. This is deeply troublesome and American need to Wake Up because your Life is NOT a game or a TV show. This man has alot of issues and We are Not Stable and NEVER WILL BE AS CAN’T YOU SEE THAT… We are talking about the highest position in the Land.

    • Hillary won the popular vote but there were several voting irregularities like Russian interference and voter suppression, etc. Think about it….It’s quite obvious that’s what happened as we can see how deceptive Trump and his people are. He wants to “win” at all costs and would do anything to get there.

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