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Yep, 35,000 square feet is plenty big for and office complex. But this ain’t that. It’s gonna be a house. A BIG house. OK, a BIG Ol’ MANSION for none other than Tyler Perry.

The story goes he’s been designing and building on the property for 3 years.

The mansion will be 35,000 square feet, but according to TMZ, that’s not the craziest part. It sits on 1,200 acres, which Perry will turn into an organic farm with horses and other animals.

Sources say Perry wants his son to appreciate and enjoy the land and the animals.

The estate is near Perry’s 330-acre studio … one of the largest in Atlanta and the entire U.S. He just made a deal with Viacom to produce a number of comedy and drama television episodes. Perry revealed recently that a portion of Black Panther (the Hong Kong segment) was filmed at his studio.

If you’re wondering, Perry spends about 9 months a year at the Atlanta studio and the remainder in Los Angeles.

Perry previously opened up about his joy of being a father to Aman. He told Good Morning America last year that his son was his “healer.”

“He is my healer because I look at myself in his eyes,” Perry told Robin Roberts. “Everything that I’m finding about growing up and the things that went wrong in my life, I get the opportunity to do them right for him. So he is my healer.”





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24 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Building A Huge Mansion In Atlanta – See The Pic!

  1. Tyler congrats! You have grown and expanded your work and truly have choices 🗽🗽in life due your wealth. Tyler has brought value to our capitalist system and is getting finanfinancially rewarded . What have you produced? 🎯That question can be asked of oneself. I appreciate your work and wanted to know how youth can get involved? My 14 yr old want to be a Film Director and I am needing advice to give her. ( if you are even reading this) I will find your website too. Thanks!

  2. Some positive and some negative comments but this man (who by the way has given back financially to his community and others on numerous occasions) he can do what he wants in order to bring up a healthy, self assured, respectable young man and if 1200 acres and a mansion is what he wants so be it. I’m thrilled, happy and excited for him and his baby boy

  3. Lois Foster on said:

    Congratulations Tyler!
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I am so proud of you.
    “Do You,Be You”
    Love you,
    Whodat! ⚜

  4. Judy Jordan on said:

    I’m a middle age white woman an 1 of Tyler Perry’s biggest fans and I think it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving man from where he came from and the way he started he deserves it he has worked very hard to get to where he is now and I wish him further success in everything he does.

  5. Congratulations Tyler, I do agree with the many of the comments. But one thing gets me, every time the black community includes God in their day to day speaking. Many years ago in Africa before we were captured and placed in slavery, blacks only worshipped gods that represented land, air, water and elders. When we came to America we incorporated what white people were worshipping. On Sundays the master would read and teach his slaves about the bible. We knew nothing about the bible nor god. But every time you look around someone is thanking God,

  6. Wow, considering the fact that his movies and plays are trash and have set Black Folks back 100 years, he is extremely wealthy. I feel good knowing that none of my money has gone to him for his exploitation movies.

  7. Lois hollis on said:

    Blessing for the blessed know who you serve and why you serve and stay humble i know god is my fortress. Teach your son how your mom taught you i will never forget the scene in boo two i real gentleman homeless with God oh sweet jesus does heal.

  8. Thank u Mr.Tyler Perry for ur movies n playes which help me n some area of my life with ur playes movies n i know that my day is cumin for my grandchildren to be able to remember all the good things that GOD wanted them to have n there life lvu Mr. Tyler Perry may GOD continue to bless u n Jesus mighty name Amen

  9. Ted Gravely on said:

    Tyler I wish you the best brother. I love how Tyler is trying to slowly branch out and build a true Empire like Oprah. There is enough of him to go around. Like all the other moguls, he can choose his own philanthropic work. In my opinion he isn’t obligated to work with homeless people. I’m not knocking other people’s opinions, just saying celebrate his work on AIDS, education or wherever he truly has a passion. The key is giving back. This brother gives back, I’m not binding him to who I think he should be. It’s what GOD wants him to be. My opinion doesn’t matter in his life, but I still wish him the best.

  10. Nope not bad at all. Being homeless you would figure he would make sure the homeless that are now out there without his success he would look out for the money that went into that home would of brought five homeless folks a home. Sometimes we holler holy holy when we are down and out but once we get on them feet we forget the most important person that allows us to prosper the word of God says remember the widows and the poor. I wish him all the success but what can it prosper a man to gain the whole word but lose his soul, it’s something to think about

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