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Vivica A. Fox is throwing her support behind the petition for Marvel and Disney to invest 25% of the “Black Panthers” proceeds back into the community.

Peep the clip to hear what Viv had to say about the matter when TMZ caught up with her.


While Fox believes the money could do wonders for black folks, not everyone agrees. TMZ also got comedian Gary Owen to weigh in, and he says it’s not the studio’s job to give away money.

What do you think? Should movie’s profits go to the AA community?

Owen does offer up some advice for anyone signing the petition.


The guy who started the petition says the donation is the right move because Disney has marketed “Black Panther” almost exclusively to black moviegoers….in the middle of Black History Month.

Meanwhile, nearly 23,000 kids will have the opportunity to see the film thanks to the #BlackPantherChallenge.

New York-based activist Frederick Joseph created a GoFundMe fundraiser, which has amassed more than $300,000 and spawned almost 300 campaigns. The page for the challenge states that donations came from all over the country and across the world.

A statement from Joseph reads, “All children deserve to believe they can save the world, go on exciting adventures, or accomplish the impossible. I am grateful that all of you have answered the call and are taking action to help more kids watch their heroes on the big screen. Let’s keep pushing forward. If you’re a teacher, buy tickets for your entire classroom. If you’re a coach, take your team. If you’re a community leader, do some organizing and get the kids and parents in your community to the theater.”

According to The Root, GoFundMe has also started a new #BlackPantherChallenge that aims to distribute donations to organizations that need help meeting their goals for the challenge.




(Photo Credit: Sir Jones / PRPhotos)

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24 thoughts on “Vivica A. Fox Thinks ‘Black Panther’ Profits Should Help The Black Community

  1. Marcela on said:

    Blacks have made this movie a hit. White executives, white & asian upper classes who invest in equities or bonds invested in Disney will benefit.

    How are Blacks benefiting? By giving away money to watch a fake nation? The amount of pride with which it is being discussed makes me pity you.

  2. We want to see our people in movies directing and producing films. Black panther is one movie it’s not going to save us. Just support the movie it’s just entertainment I didn’t hear this when “get out” was in movie theatre. Just enjoy the show She has never started her own campaign and now because they expecting BP to be a block buster the calls come out to donate to the community. The movie employed black actors and actresses musicians and a film director we moving on up to the east side.

  3. This is a African Film, not a African – American Film. SO HELL NO! The Middle ,Working and Poor Black Community had 8 Fu*king years to get their sh*t together with Barack Obama. The Middle ,Working and Poor Black Communities did nothing to help Barack Obama help The Middle ,Working and Poor Black Communities at all. Everyone really needs to look at The Affluent Black Communities ,they support them selves..No major problems in Affluent Black Communities at all.

  4. Don’t be ridiculous!!! This movie venture doesn’t owe anything to the Black community! How tf do you figure that works? What just because it’s a Black cast they gotta pay the Black community? Oh and just how tf do you do that? Is there an address to the Black community? STFU and let this damn movie be what it’s gonna be and support and applaud the cast and writers and all who created it and stop trying to figure out a way to villify some sht! SMFH and Vivica needs to sit her old irrelevant azz down somewhere and stfu. We know she’s starved for attention but don’t do it at the expense of Black people. SIT DOWN….BE HUMBLE!!!!

  5. Marlene on said:

    Does Civics donate to the black community? If she isn’t, she should first donate or give back some way before she request someone else to give.

  6. The article makes it seems like Viv initiated the conversation. She was asked the question by TMZ and that was her response. However, the studios can spend their money how they choose, although they should be conscientious enough to want to invest their profits into the communities that made their movies successful.

  7. True enough they don’t have to help anyone. Yes black people must help themselves, no one else gives a damn about you. However it’s been said and I believe it to be true blacks don’t help each other. They get theirs and they’re ready to get white wives. Other races help each
    Other out. They don’t go out and seek other races and then claim they are down for the black race with white women on their arm. White men protect provide and defend the race. Not blacks

  8. csteffie30 on said:

    We should be helping our own communities not depending on some movie to do it, take responsibility, when people start taking care of the things that have already been contributed to them, then we can talk. Like someone said, who determines what community gets some of the profits? Throwing money at a community will not help it, the problem is deep inside with the people who live there, sometimes you can’t fix what does not want to be fixed.

  9. How much money does Ms. Fox expect this movie to make???
    And what/where should those monies go too? And should we now expect profits from movies
    having a story line about whites go to poor whites in Appalachia?

    • The people who “built this Country” are long since dead The Blacks The Chinese and The Whites, we already have a modern program for those who did nothing to profit off the work of others it’s call Welfare

  10. Black people should not get a dime !!! Only the actors,producers,ect..should get paid ..they are the ones that took the RISK …we reward the people who invest talent,time and money to make the movie ..if you did not do any of those things WHY should you get a dime …Ask Vivia A Fox what percentage did her movies give to the Black Community or what percentage of her salary did she give to the Black Community ,,, By the way I am a BLACK business owner !!

  11. The studio doesn’t owe anyone, anything. If people wants to go see the movie, go, but don’t do with your hand out. It’s a blockbuster movie that costs lots. They have an obligation to pay that debt first. Does Vivica contribute 25% of her earnings to the black community? Does the guy who put in the contribute 25% to the black community. I agree with L, black people needs to learn how to help themselves.

  12. October on said:

    Well Passing Through maybe our wealthy Black actors, athletes, business moguls, etc. should get together and produce movies befitting of AA’s. Its a shame others only see us through the eyes of others.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      I agree, while the blacks are protesting the “Oscars so white” why don’t they pull their money together and make our own movies. Like Puff Daddy wanting to buy racist ass Papa Johns Pizza & Carolina Panthers instead of investing in something black.

  13. October on said:

    Why do we think everything Black will or should benefit us? Its not the studios responsibility to take care of anyone others than themselves.

    • That’s sad that you think like that racism in Hollywood is like apple pie to the USA it’s has made billion off our People using Stephen Fletcher coons , Aunt Jemima like black women to look and act like whores for years so please with that bull devil pay up !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Excuse me, but maybe this issue should have been brought up as the movie was being made.

    The white director/producers feet should have been held to the fire.
    There should’ve been some type of financial agreement in writing where a certain percentage
    of the movie, Black Panther” be designated towards helping communities of color across this country.

    The movie comes out this Friday.
    Don’t expect any $$$$ to be generated to the damn hoods now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    white folks could care less about US!!!!!!!!
    We need to HELP OUR DAMN SELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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