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The days of going to Las Vegas for a shot-gun wedding or running to the court-house for a ceremony may be over with an app dedicated to getting people married virtually.

Black News reports that WebWed Mobile had a mission to give marriage and marriage equality to people around the worldwide. Since the launch of their app two years ago, they have been nothing but successful.

With this success they will now be able to marry people anywhere in the world and share it with millions of people legally.

On Valentine’s Day 2018, the second anniversary of the app, WebWed Mobile will marry 20 military couples internationally and domestic live. The couples family, friends, military personal and media will be in attendance.

The app is set to have over 1 million views of the event with over 3 million impressions in anticipated views.


What makes this app so revolutionary is that it combines what the creators believe to be the “three most powerful elements,” ever. Love, law and technology.

The app allows a couple to pick a date, someone to officiate the wedding, witnesses. They can get married through their phone, tablet or laptop. All participants including guest can witness the ceremony from anywhere in the world.

This new and creative app changes the way we approach marriage and significantly reduces the cost that comes with weddings.

The app will launch the live weddings on February 14, 2018 so be sure to download it here so you can be a witness!



(Source:Black News)

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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