Inside Her Story: The Horrors Of Child Marriage In America


Sherry Johnson was forced to marry her rapist at the young age of 11-years-old after being raped at 8-years-old getting pregnant at 9 and giving birth at 10-years-old. As a grown woman she now dedicates her life to sharing her story and works to help girls who are up against the same thing.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story  to find out more about what Johnson does to help these young women.

“I fell through the loophole of the law where a child could be married if they got pregnant,” said Johnson.  She married her rapist under the law in Florida. “My parent gave consent and the judge agreed. Here I am a bride at the age of 11.”

“Over 200,000 children were forced to be married in the U.S. from the year 2000 to 2015,” informed Johnson. States like Florida and North Carolina have a law that permits child marriages.

“It was happening to children continuously. That subject of being married as child was a taboo subject and now I wanted to touch it and wanted to pursue it,” explained Johnson.

“I’m working on a bill in the Florida legislator to end child marriage completely with no exception. I stated in 2012 and in 2013 this bill passed unanimously,” explained Johnson. However, “It died in the senate…It didn’t pass. I came back at every year pretty much. 14 16 and 17 whoop here it is.”

Since talking with Senator Lauren Book, the bill was re-drafted and submitted to Senate. “Right now this bill has actually passed, January 31,” explained Johnson.

If you want to learn more about Johnson’s story you can get her book Forgiving the Unforgivable on Amazon.



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5 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: The Horrors Of Child Marriage In America

  1. Alicia Sams on said:

    I remembered her in church and she never ever smile. I met back with her after she wrote her book and I ask that’s why you never played with us and they told us not to play with you because back then they called you fast and hot don’t be around a hot tail girl and that’s what we believed. I sorry that she had to endure so much pain doing her childhood we were playing while she were having babies.

  2. Peaches and Herb on said:

    What the he’ll The parents need to be shot on the spot I feel for kids what is wrong with people and their mentality The church is a damn disgrace to the Human race nothing but diplorables Sick sick sick They are the Devils stay away from churches that practice sick things

  3. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    Well it’s ABOUT TIME! I was wondering “When was it going to get to the molestation that goes on in the CHURCH”!!!

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    These parents are horrific. How can you sit in a church allowing a Bishop and Deacon to sex up your 8-9 year old child. Makes me sick to my stomach. Instead of beating the brakes off of him and filing criminal charges, you allow the Deacon to marry her. Can only imagine what he was doing to that child. Makes you wanna scream and punch a wall. That mother is filth. I wonder what God they think they are praising. It’s probably the same God people are praising that sat up in that church after Eddie Long violated those boys backside. People are back sliding from the “Will” of God and will justify it by any means necessary. The Devil has a lot of helpers. What kind of evil cult is this that people are proclaiming it a church. Filthy.

    • I agree. Not all churches–but churches that allow that perversion to go on right under peoples’ noses are nothing but a cult. Along the same lines as the so-called group of evangelists who “excuse” Trump for his womanizing. Are they even reading God’s word?! Congregants, read God’s word and if anything is going on in your church that is not in line with the Holy Bible, GET OUT.

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