Inside Her Story: Attorney Representing 100 Larry Nassar Victims


Larry Nassar the USA gymnastics doctor has been sentenced 40 to 175 years in prison for sexual assaulting over 200 athletes while working at Michigan State and for the US gymnastics team. He’ll face another sentencing as more victims continue to share their story.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with attorney Steven Drew who is representing over 100 victims in this case.

“Predators will stay around where they feel enabled. These organizations we feel enabled them. They silenced the victims,” explained Drew. “They were allowing him like when Tiffany Thomas came forward in 2000 and said he’s doing this they silenced her. When you allow that predator to stay around and reap the benefits, it’s terrible.”

Drew was in the court room when the judge allowed victims to come forward and talk to Nassar. “I was there for most of it because a lot of our clients were there. It was amazing what she did. She treated these women and young girls with respect,” explained Drew.”

A lot of his own clients were anonymous but after seeing other girls come forward to share their story along with the Me Too movement, they came forward. “I don’t want to be Jane Doe anymore. I want to tell my story,” explained Drew. “I want to look this man in the eye and tell him that what he did to me and how it’s affecting me.”



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