Dominique Can’t Stand Trump’s Baby Hands!


Comedian Dominique has been putting in the work with her comedy. Black Jesus is returning and she can’t wait to talk about all the crazy things in store.

“We’re thinking Black Jesus is coming back like at the beginning of April. So check it out. And I heard y’all talking about the sidechick. I play a character named Shalinka and I’m Boonie’s baby mama,” explained Dominique. “She doesn’t have the sidechick thing. She’ll roll up on you waving the four four over Boonie.”

Sherri had to ask Dominique as a comedian how Donald Trump has been able to provide great joke material for comedians, and she specifically brought up the comment he made about African-American unemployment.

“That must be an alternative fact because I don’t believe that’s true and if he’s doing a lot for the Black community he must be doing it in his head because nobody can really tell. Stand up there lying waving that baby hand, that’s what he does,” explained Dominique. “Yah I can’t stand that little hand Syb! it gets on my nerves and you know why he has little hands because when they were giving out hands he was somewhere talking shiggity.”

Catch Dominique at the Arlington Improv on February 1 -3.



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2 thoughts on “Dominique Can’t Stand Trump’s Baby Hands!

  1. Small hands on a man=small parts—(genitals)–ha ,ha, ha!!!!!!
    Therefore, the LIAR-IN-CHIEF needs to stop waving his little small hands
    in the air like he does when he speaks!!!!!!!!

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