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Singer Jill Scott‘s almost ex-husband Mike Dobson is looking for more from their already heated divorce. He’s asking for the prenuptial agreement that they agreed on to be thrown out and to receive $500,000 for the pain and suffering he’s experienced.

Ebony reports that Dobson didn’t believe in the authenticity of the prenup agreement because he didn’t have a lawyer present through the process and, “felt coerced, but did so anyway,” because he still loves Scott.

He believes that Scott violated the terms of their prenup’s confidentiality clause by talking about their divorce to the media. Because of that, he says that he’s entitled to half of their marital assets, plus $500,000 for the pain and suffering he went through during their one year marriage.


We Tried To Make It Work: Divorced Celebs
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(Source: Ebony)

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23 thoughts on “Jill Scott’s Ex-Husband Wants $500k Prenup Thrown Out

  1. Marriage needs to be outlawed. Y’all just don’t get it,
    “It takes a fool to learn that love ❤️ don’t love nobody it takes a fool to learn that love ❤️ don’t love noone

  2. Phyllis on said:

    I’m sorry but these money hungry ex or soon to be ex would disappear. Not gonna pay you to support YOUR family and kids by someone else (Keandu) or because you think you are entitled (Mike) because she spoke about the divorce just like you spoke about it. Nobody twisted your left hand as you signed with your right hand. Pain and suffering. You gonna learn what that is. Got to pay you to leave me alone. Nope. Not happening. Get a job. Man up. Grow a pair. SMDH
    @AfricanAmericanWoman and specialt757 – still laughing. Good one 🙂

  3. Epitome on said:

    Well, I guess it’s payback time!! I bet men cold wish they could get preggers and get child support til the kid is 18! Oh wait!!! Sheri Sheppard’s POS ex already did that!!! And kid is not her son!!!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    “…he didn’t have a lawyer present through the process and, “felt coerced, but did so anyway,”
    That’s his bad, pretty sure she didn’t put a gun to his head.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Yeah, him on one side of the street holding a sign that says boycott Jill Scott and her on the other side holding her boycott Netflix sign! LMAO…Both looking bitter and pissed because they both in the same boat

      • specialt757 on said:

        Naw they’re holding up “I will work for food” signs. See, why you make me go there? lol

  5. What’s up with the men of color having their hands in others pockets?
    First it was that POS Keandu wanting support $$$$ from Mary J Blige,
    now it’s Jill Scott’s ex.

    What ever happened to MEN standing on their OWN two feet and earning their own
    damn $$$$???????????

    Seems to be a “PIMP” mentality these days.

    I wish Jill Scott luck and hope she won’t have to pay her worthless ex one thin dime!!!!!!!!!!

    Brotha’s need to GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Women do it why can’t men pray that you never get a divorce and see what the woman do to you and you will change that reply that you sent

  6. justbeingme on said:

    Why do he feel he should recieve 500k he is like a women scorned. Its just he is a man. He is saying she talked about there marriage on social media i recall he bashed her on social media.just because you are hurt because your marriage didnt work out he wants money.come on you should leave the marriage with what you brought into it. She owes you nothing lifes lessons move on.

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