Roland Martin: The Problem Of Infrastructure At HBCU’s Today


With the start of a new year also comes the start of a new semester for college students. However, students at some Historically Black Colleges and Universities are undergoing problems with the infrastructure of their campuses that causes classes to be pushed back.

Howard University is facing such problems as the cold weather has caused a major steam pipe to the school to crack and leak causing little or no heat going to academic buildings.

President Dr. Wayne Frederick of Howard University talks with Roland Martin about the problem that his university faces and how to get pass it.

“People have been back in class Roland since last week Tuesday….We were scheduled to start the 8. We pushed back a week to start on the 16, ” explained Frederick.

“We have a power plant that provides steam through a system generated by boilers to a system of pipes underground in a tunnel system that supplies the entire campus. Obviously the newer buildings, and by newer I would say built in the last 10 years are run on a HVAC system and do depend on that,” explained Frederick. “So a vast majority of the campus does depend on that power plant. A major steam pipe leading from the power plant was fractured and had a leak.”

Problems of infrastructure is unfortunately what many HBCU’s face today and a lack of funding and participation from the government feeds into that.



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One thought on “Roland Martin: The Problem Of Infrastructure At HBCU’s Today

  1. Melvin howell on said:

    Many HBCU should and I’m sure have looked into this problem on their particular campuses. But it may not happen to this degree as it happened at Howard, let’s face it, location of the school played a major role in the heating problem, Howard is located on the East coast , where the winters are brutal, this can causes major problems with the heating system that is over50 year’s old, the administration,not blaming them should keep on top of their infrastructure to keep these HBCU up and running, mine you Howard is a fine institute for learning

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