Howard President Wayne A. I. Frederick Defends Himself Against Critics


Roland Martin talks to Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick, the embattled Howard University President, who recently received a vote of “no confidence” from faculty leaders.

Listen to the full interview below.

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6 thoughts on “Howard President Wayne A. I. Frederick Defends Himself Against Critics

  1. Arthur Childress on said:

    @ specialt….Again, I’m not trying to defend Frederick and btw he lost me too when he started in on Prez Obama as if HU’s problem didn’t start until 2008. But it just seems that Sidney Ribeau has been given a pass in this whole thing. We’re finding out now that Ribeau was forced into retirement because of a number of things including enrollment being down as well as the schools credit rating being down-graded. There was real turmoil in the Administration.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I saw this interview this morning, I wasn’t impressed but I did try to see his point of view. He said the things that happened to HU didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be repaired overnight, which I do agree, HU has been not thriving as it should for a long time. He said someone on the administration was convicted and thrown in jail and that’s why people were not pleased with him. Then he threw Obama under the bus, then he lost me, whatever he said after that, I was no longer listening. And it’s not that I believed in everything Obama did or didn’t do, but I don’t think HU’s failures were his fault.

    • Obama didn’t start the problems with HBCU’s, However, he did nothing to try and help them either! Just as was the case with Blacks in general, our illustrious former President was not very attentive to his people’s needs.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Well then you should really love what your new president does for black folks.

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