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April Ryan, doing God’s work as one of the few black White House correspondents, told CNN Sunday that she and her journalist colleagues in the age of Trump have “the FBI and local police on speed dial” for death threats.

“Death threats, yes,” Ryan told Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources. “For asking questions and reporting. Me personally.”

Asked by Stelter what reporters do when threatened, Ryan said, “What do you do? You talk to your company and your company has the FBI and local police on speed dial. Just for asking questions.”

Earlier this month, after Trump had signed a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Jr. (and offered his “congratulations” to the civil rights icon), Ryan and at least one other reporter shouted questions about the president’s “shithole” comments. As Trump left the room without taking questions, Ryan yelled, “Mr. President, are you a racist? Mr. President, will you respond to these serious questions about your statement, sir?”

Though Trump didn’t respond, a man described by Ryan as a minister clapped back with a loud “No.”

“I’m talking to the president,” Ryan responded. “Not you, sir.”

“I’m talking to you,” the minister replied. (Watch the exchange below).

Sunday on Reliable Sources, Ryan concurred with Stelter that the president’s continued use of the word “fake” in describing the press is “poisonous,” and that “the success of the White House press corps is that we continue to do our job. There’s a war on the press by the White House, led by this president.”

Below, Ryan is heard asking Trump if he’s a racist. The question and the minister’s response begins at 00:55.




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5 thoughts on “April Ryan Has ‘FBI & Police On Speed Dial’ Over Death Threats

  1. Lydia Williams on said:

    I’ve never followed politics before until the system allowed a money lover, self-centered person like 45 get in the White House. He’ll do anything to keep Americans from finding out his unorthodox way of becoming a billionaire. We all know Russia did something to get him in. They plotted this when he couldn’t get money from US. The real facts will expose him soon. He ran his business like the crime boss that he is. He thinks he’s untouchable. What’s done in the dark will come to light.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Ok…This was just stupid and unnecessary on Ryan’s part…Did she really think Donald Trump was going to turn around and say, yes, I am a racist??? This was a really juvenile and unprofessional way to get attention…I get it…in this age of “right now,” people will do almost whatever it takes to stay relevant, but this was desperate.

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