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It hit the press that Omarosa Manigault resigned from the White House after almost a year in the Trump administration. In an interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, Manigault confirmed that she resigned and wasn’t forcibly removed from the White House.

White House correspondent April Ryan reports the opposite and says the Manigault didn’t resign but that she was terminated and escorted out of the White House.

Ryan jumped straight into it, explaining what the Secret Service reported on the incident by reading their tweets.

“So within that tweet, it lets us know that there was a termination, she was terminated. But what also is clear is that there was an agreement as she said, but she was ultimately terminated and they deactivated her hard pass,” explained Ryan. “So she could not get onto the complex.”

This conflicts with Manigault’s story on Good Morning America. And Ryan went even further to explain escorting her off the White House.

“She was escorted off. The question is who did it? And now we’re trying to figure out and these are going to be some of the questions in the briefing room today because the President has private security,” explained Ryan. “So we don’t know who the escort was.”

With Manigault exiting the White House, some have wondered whether the Black community would take her back.

“I don’t know. Right now this is still playing out. I don’t know right now, I mean just watching Twitter this was one of the bigger news stories today,” expressed Ryan. “There is a disdain for her in the Black community because they believe that she sold out the community.”


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