Inside Her Story: Sexual Harassment & The Ones Who Haven’t Come Forward


The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement has given many survivors of sexual harassment and assault the courage to come out with their story and seek help. But what about those who haven’t come out and those who are scared to share their story, when’s the right time for them in this current climate.

Dr. Argie Allen Director of  Clinical Training, Couple and Family Therapy program at Drexel College talks with Jacque Reid about those who haven’t shared their story and the healing that takes place.

“It’s just healing to speak the words even if you don’t speak them publicly to give voice to them. There are women out there and some men that should not be ashamed that they haven’t spoken. It really is a personal decision,” explained Dr. Allen. “Now that we are sort of creating a culture of speaking up and speaking out, it would be a wonderful time but the process is different for absolutely everyone.”

Many wonder how they should handle the issues that they are dealing with. There’s emotional, physical and mental pain that comes with sexual harassment and assault.

“I think that you have to seek therapy maybe a spiritual advisor and really go deep within and determine for yourself what is it that you want to gain from speaking up,” expressed Dr. Allen.  “What is your ultimate goal?”


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