Inside Her Story: Black Women Need To Go To Rome For Love!


The beginning of a new year always brings new dreams and new hopes for people. For some, it brings the new hope and possibility of love and relationships.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with longtime matchmaker Diann Valentine from the Bravo reality show To Rome With Love to give some tips to the ladies that their love awaits in Italy.

“Well, I fell like it is the best-kept secret in the world that European men in particular Italian men love Black women,” said Valentine. “All the things that make Black women invaluable in the US, Italian men love.”

That sounds too good to be true, but Valentine can back it up. “I’ve had 76% success rate,” said Valentine. “There are certainly lots and lots of long-term relationships.”

The Bravo show takes women ranging in ages 25 to 51 over to Rome to hopefully find the one. “You will see that you can find yourself in any one of their stories but I think it shows the commonalities among Black women,” expressed Valentine.

Some would say that the show is silently bashing Black men, is it? “I haven’t received any backlash at least not yet, but there are certainly conversations,” explained Valentine. “Our show is not about bashing Black men at all, the focus is on Black women and that they deserve to be loved unconditionally.”

Start watching To Rome With Love Sunday’s at 9 pm on Bravo following The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 



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17 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Black Women Need To Go To Rome For Love!

  1. evadeevah on said:

    The reason for the encouragement to date other cultures is because the lack of black men in America. The ones who aren’t in jail, and apart of the LGBTQ community is the ones who either don’t have their stuff together or not interested in us… So I get the point but I feel the language barrier would be primarily my thing and most other cultures just want the opportunity to say they dealt with a black woman or have dated one. Unbelievable.

  2. Imjustsayin on said:

    I have watched the show and I believe many black women will identify with someone on the show. I think we (black women) should open our minds and dating pool to date other nationalities. Love has no color!

  3. kendra wilson on said:

    Definitely watching, definitely making my next trip to Rome. I’m looking for love & I believe it has no color (snap snap in a circle) 😊

  4. Dedtria on said:

    Dont like this show two of the grls act like some thirsty ass whores it gives us a bad name we’re already look at as being pernicious smh bad idea all men in Italy not attractive to black women

    • I agree. Notice no Hispanics, Whites, Asians are not doing no show to run to black people as a whole. It comes across as if we can not stand our own people and think we are bad something racist say about blacks (they are all no good). If someone does this on their own in private, that is on them but I will NOT support no show that gives the impression we can not find love in our race. And for the record, MOST black men and black women do date and marry each other just like whites, Hispanics, and Asians. We just focus on the FEW who do not and try to give this “impression” that the majority of our men run to non blacks. NOT true if you look at our total numbers.

      • I’m Hispanic of Mexican & Colombian decent and I date predominantly black women. I always hear the same story when I ask why they are looking to date outside their race.
        1. Many don’t work
        2. Don’t make enough money
        3. Are not romantic
        4. They cheat
        5. They cheat

        So no one is making your culture look bad but a few of your own apples. The show has black women because they are beautiful and black men take them for granted.

    • evadeevah on said:

      I know which ones you are talking about but I do like lime how some of the women the more mature ones shed light on how black men can say and so things that are emotionally and mentally damaging.

  5. Melvinowens on said:

    Black women do not need to go to Europe to get a white man. The white man in America will have sex with the black woman. It was done in slavery and it’s still done today. Sen Strom Thurmond of South Carolina fought against the right of blacks to eat at restaurants or stay at hotels owned by white folks, but he still found time to impregnate a black woman. In short, our people need to wake up and stop thirsting after white folks beds

  6. Bert Wallace on said:

    What the hell! This Intenet rag has a lot of nerve. I thought the Black America Web was about black harmony, until now. I will be killing my subscription ASAP!

    I guess African men weren’t good enough so now they want sisters running over to Europe for a mate. Man, are we our worst enemy or what?

  7. I praise her for encouraging other black women to hopefully find their Italian boyfriends or husbands. I am trying to do the same with other men in general. What or who is really right for us might be in foreign countries. Then, we do not have to worry about getting involved with the wrong people locally or spending the rest of our lives in loneliness.

      • Yes, there are some foreigners who are no good. But, there are many foreigners who have more respect, honesty, love, kindness, etc. than many Americans do. That fact is the reasons why I have my blog and and why more Americans are dating or marrying foreigners.

  8. Say What!! on said:

    We as blacks need to stop doing this kind of nonsense. If someone does, let it happen on it own but to “push” the issue. Sorry but this is another form of if it is not black, it right thinking. You do not see White, Italians running over her to push to be with blacks. We are so full of self hate no wonder we continue to be disrespected.

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