Rev. Al Sharpton: Should Oprah Run For President?


Ever since Oprah’s speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, the talk of her running for president in 2020 has taken over. However, people are questioning if Oprah would make a good president or if we’re looking for an out because of Trump. Rev. Al Sharpton gives his response to the matter.

“I don’t think it is at all a celebrity worship or an overreaction because of Trump,” explained Sharpton. “If Ronald Regan can go from Hollywood to the White House and if Trump can go from Trump Plaza and Russia to the White House,” expressed Sharpton than Oprah can do it too.

But Oprah also has the qualities of running and serving as president. Her work in the entertainment industry and philanthropy work puts her in a good spot.

“When you look at what we look for in a presidential candidate particularly in a post-Trump world she only can outmatch Trump,” explained Sharpton but, “she has been there done the things that you would want to see someone do to seek higher office.”

Before we can think of the 2020 presidential election Sharpton reminds us that, “Whatever the candidate we must vote 2018, the midterm elections before we get to 2020.”



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6 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: Should Oprah Run For President?

  1. This makes for good speculation and conversation, but Oprah is not running.
    (However, if she ever got to that point, I would vote for her.)

  2. Oprah is this aging white boomer’s dream candidate. Especially if she takes under her wing Bernie’s former economic advisor and starts making hope again come alive. PLEASE, Oprah, do it for the right reason, to make America great…not again but in a way it never was.

  3. Oprah for President, please. That woman only appeals to a certain market and that is middle an upper income white folks. I wouldn’t vote for her any more than I would Trump.

  4. kneesee23 on said:

    Soooo, no one really needs the ‘political qualifications’ anymore ??? Whatever happened to running for local, state and government offices…ijs…

    • the trick is to have a knowledgeable cabinet that works with you not against you so you don’t have to fire them on a regular basis.

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