NeNe Leakes took the gloves off to drag Sheree Whitfield on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Sheree tried it, so NeNe had to remind her to stay in her lane. It. Was. Savage. On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree brought up the fact that NeNe’s got a mug shot. When Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked her how she felt about it, NeNe unleashed.

“I really don’t care about Sheree bringing up a mug shot,” NeNe said. “Anybody can get a mug shot for a traffic ticket.”

…and that’s when NeNe really let Sheree have it, reminding Sheree that she’s in love with a felon.

“A mug shot does not equal 10 years in prison for doing a Ponzi scheme. I ain’t spent a day in jail doing nothing, honey. Okay?” NeNe said.

“You got 10 years in prison, you sure wouldn’t walk around being nice to no damn body,” she continued. “You got 10 years with the FEDS, honey. That’s a whole ‘nother situation.”

Then NeNe put her co-star’s business all the way out there, pointing out that Sheree’s got her own mug shots to worry about.

“Sheree needs to worry about her own mug shot. Her son’s got a mug shot, and her man’s got a mug shot. Please don’t call out no mugshot’s now,” “She had hers expunged. She was stealing out the store, remember?”

Someone may need to check on Sheree and her edges. This read left Tyra Banks breathless, so we’re sure Sheree might need some assistance because this was just savage. Get some tea before watching it all unfold below.



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