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The fallout from Phaedra Parks’ massive lie about former friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss continues to send shockwaves through reality TV. Now, Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen is speaking out for the first time about the drama…and it’s safe to say Phaedra is basically done on the show.

During the NBCUniversal Upfronts earlier this week, Cohen was interviewed on the red carpet by E! and naturally he was asked about the jaw-dropping revelation about Parks being the one who spread the rape and drug allegations about Kandi Burrus.

According to E!, Cohen pretty much confirmed her permanent exit from the show with a single statement, “No one wanted to work with her.The question that we look at now with Phaedra is, when the reunion ended, none of the other women wanted to have anything to do with her. So that’s what you have to look at,”

Cohen told E!. “How do you shoot a show about a group of friends when no one is speaking to one of the friends?”

If you are familiar with other Housewives cities in the franchise, then you know that the easiest way to get someone off the show is banding together as a cast and refusing to film with a certain person…and Phaedra has just learned how cold that feeling can be.

While Bravo has yet to officially announce that she will not return for the show’s 10th season, Cohen’s statements, along with Phaedra’s blaming the show’s producers for her downfall, it doesn’t look good for her return.

Filming of RHOA season 10 is set to begin sometime this summer.

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10 thoughts on “Andy Cohen On Phaedra Parks: ‘No One Wanted To Work With Her’

  1. Cynthia on said:

    I think it is a shame to get rid of Phaedra she made it fun an interesting . I agree when Kenya said Kim husband was gay that was hurtful but Kenya is still on show. Kenya is boring and always find one or two people to pick on. Yes bring Kim and NeNe back get rid of Kenya. While I am not happy with Kandi and her disloyalty to Phaedra during the whole Apollo arrest event she is okay to stay. But I have lost some respect for her. Keep Phaedra you don’t want to loose viewer.

  2. Iris Sanders on said:

    Phaedra didn’t repeat something that was said……she started the rumor! And a very derragatory one that could have caused severe complications for Kandi. And you can say what you want about Kandi and Kenya but they never put out an outright vicious lie like that.

  3. Nia Dunlap on said:

    What Phaedra did was scanty. Yes, they all lie,
    that was past lying that was scanty, she is hurt
    & bittter. She couldn’t own what she did.
    She will make a great lawyer for clients
    like her–no integrity. Mad is one thing
    scarring someone is something else.

  4. DMissouri on said:

    You have to look at the whole scope of things. What Phaedra said was not just a little white lie she could have hurt Kandi’s reputation and livelihood. Although all of the housewives have had some dirt/scandal, Phaedra outright took it to another level.

  5. Barbara Dates on said:

    Your full of shit Andy, because Kenya Moore has lied and put sabers in people face. She has provoked people time and time again. Because Pheadra repeated something was was not cause. Cowards

    • IBQueen12 on said:

      Didn’t Kenya say that Kim Fields husband was gay? She spead a rumor as well and she started that rumor. I won’t be watching anymore either. I stopped after the Hawaii trip and I got tired of Cynthia and Kenya and Matt but most of all old ass Peter.

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