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In case you’re not reading this from the United Kingdom, singer Elgin ‘Ginuwine’ Lumpkin is currently aboard the reality TV train and randomly starring on Celebrity Big Brother with a bunch of English folks we have no clue about. (Enlighten us, please, Brits.

Just who are the other people?) This has led to some interesting moments between him and a British model/presenter/DJ named Ashley James who he seems to be feeling. But it’s also shown him curving a transwoman, India Willoughby,  also in the cast.  Willoughby tried to press the issue by attempting to kiss Ginuwine, who moved away and said he wasn’t interested in dating a transwoman.

Well, as we’re only 9 days into 2018 and there hasn’t yet been an internet controversy – unless you count Trump tweets – we had to have one. So social media was split on whether or not Ginuwine’s perceived rejection was ‘transphobic’ or not.

Here’s a clip:

Housemate Malika Haqq – yup, Khloe Kardashian’s BFF along with her twin sister (you may remember them from the movie ATL if you’re not a Kardashian follower) was supportive of Ginuwine.

Many folks sympathized with Ginuwine:

But some thought Ginuwine was in the wrong.



Others saw this as an opportunity. Shoot your shot, girl.

So what do you think? Our big question is, what are Ginuwine and Malika doing on Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. in the first place? Surely there was room for B/C listers on the U.S. version?

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32 thoughts on “Ginuwine Curves Transwoman On U.K. Reality Show, Drawing Support And Fire

  1. Khafee on said:

    What is transphobia and who invented this term. This country is fast progressing toward a gender-less society, where proud and uncompromising heterosexuals, will no longer be able to “be” and fully express their innate being and biological form as male and female. Particularly, for fear of imposing on the non-heterosexual group. When those who accepted homosexuality aka “LGBTQ” as simply an innocent, non-threatening “norm” due to an “evolving society” they were very tactically deceived in committing to heterosexuals being an obsolete class. How is a man -expressing his manliness (as related in this context) a violation or rejection of someone else’s person? Even further, a man (or woman) has every right to refuse ANY advances he doesn’t want–be it female or male. (Which are the only authentic human species). Period. However, when you’re skillfully trying to subdue and control a population these are the mind games that are played. Those who opposed how homosexuality was being permeated throughout this society knew that this situation, and many others, would be the outcome.

  2. hotlanta on said:

    Her Oliver North looking behind was werking my last nerve when she kept repeating I am a woman. Everyone wants to be a woman until we have horrible monthly menstrual cycles and give birth to a 13 lb breech baby,

  3. leadjustone on said:

    He is not expressing any kind of phobia. Enough with this phobic shaming crap! He is simply expressing his sexual preference, and he is allowed to do that. If it hurts your feelings, oh well.

  4. Social media–what an ignorant discussion. It’s not about being gay or phobias or whatever. It’s about personal preferences and who someone finds attractive. He has a right to not kiss anyone he does not want to. It doesn’t mean he hates transgenders. He’s just NOT attracted to that person. Now are we supposed to go around kissing and having sex with any random person just to prove that we are not prejudiced against them?! Don’t let the world take your mind!!!!

  5. americanize on said:

    Kudos to Ginuwine,if ur not into transgender or homosexuality you don,t have to this group of people has force down peoples throats that you except this lifestyle weather you like it or not.

  6. It’s a shame I am going to have say this but as women with lady parts, we are going to have to start identifying as such…’lady parts’ since these damn trans stole the word woman/women just like how the LGBT stole the words rainbow and pride. Shout out to all my LADY PARTS out there. #ladypartspride

  7. specialt757 on said:

    My next $2 question is, wth is he on a reality show in the UK? Are you telling me he couldn’t find a garbage show here in the states to be on? Well, I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures, his career is definitely on the down slope.

  8. Exactly! It sexually harassed Elgin. He doesn’t have to explain SHIT, he’s not confused about who he is. He is a man who dates people who were born with lady parts not ones who have surgically altered their bodies. He is straight, WTF people? Are you kidding me? Why does he have to explain or feel bad about it, that thing that tried to kiss him needs its ass “whoop-did”. Miss me wit’ it.

  9. Chastity on said:

    How is Ginuwine wrong? That is his preference. He prefers to date women vs. transgenders is no different than someone preferring to date within their race vs. dating outside their race. This does not make him homophoebic.

  10. The Bible says that someday whats RIGHT will seem WRONG and what is WRONG will seem RIGHT !! A man kissing another man is WRONG !!!!!! PERIOD !!!!

  11. Wtf is wrong with y’all. When men know that you’re born a man we’re not kissing no dam fag, yes I said it and it ain’t no damn phobia. What is this world coming to. Who wrote this article.

  12. See how some people are full of it. That transgender HARASHED Ginuwine. If a man would have done that to woman, people would be up in arms over the woman and hollowing “me too” which does not apply to something like this. And if Ginuwine does not agree with kissing that guy, that is his right because he is not apart of that action/group sexually. People need go back and learn the meaning of words such as racist, homophobic or trans, not wanting to kiss one is NOT one.

  13. The transgender woman was WRONG and very forward to have attempted to kiss Ginuwine.
    However, Ginuwine was also WRONG with his response.
    There was no need for him to react the way that he did.
    Yes, it did come across as him possibly being HOMO/TRANSPHOBIC!!!!!!!!!

    • hotlanta on said:

      No means no. He act like he felt offended that Ginuwine penis didn’t get hard because people constantly lie to trans genders and tell them they look as good as we do. They do it to not be called homophobic.

    • MariAnne Bolton on said:

      AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I do respect that people have the right to be Gay…But Gay people need to GROW UP and remember that people ALSO have the right to NOT desire to kiss a transgender person if they CHOOSE!!!

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