Taraji P. Henson Crashed A Maserati On Set Of Proud Mary!


We know her as Yvette from Baby Boy and Cookie Lyon on Empire and now Taraji P. Henson is channeling her inner Pam Grier to bring us Proud Mary.

Proud Mary is about this young woman who you know doing the best she can with the cards she’s been dealt with in life,” explained Henson. “When the audience meets her she’s at a crossroads because a kill left a child orphaned…You know once you’re in the game it’s hard to get out.”

This action-packed film looks amazing from the trailers but the work to get it there wasn’t easy, including crashing an expensive car!

“It’s hard. I had bruises all over my body. I was sore, I had blood blisters in my hand from slapping the gun,” explained Henson. “I crashed a Maserati.”

Through the bruises and the car crashing, Henson is proud to call this film her own. “It’s really dope. I’m really really proud of this,” expressed Henson. “I’ve been fighting and fighting so hard to have a movie that I open. I put my heart in this film and it opens on my dads birthday.”

Be ready on Friday, January 12 to catch Proud Mary. You don’t want to miss it!



5 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Crashed A Maserati On Set Of Proud Mary!

  1. Suzanna Benz on said:

    The movie is totally lame. Movie plot could of been exciting, but it’s silly. She’s sloppy, and the cheesy acting doesn’t help, those mistakes make it boring. A younger person or a second person (like a sister, or a close friend) that she counts on could of made all the difference to help her in the film.

  2. Charlotte White on said:

    Ms. Henson was awesome in Proud Mary. It is action packed and you could feel her personal energy from the beginning to the end. Loved the musical soundtrack!

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