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We all heard Omarosa whine about being the only Black person as a staffer at The White House. However, some Black Republicans, who are desperately clawing to work for 45, claim she is the one who shut down diversity, according to a story from The Cincinnati Herald.

Eugene Craig, a Black Republican from Baltimore, said, “I was blocked personally. Essentially, my file was pulled and I wasn’t deemed pro-Trump enough. The official excuse was that I wasn’t pro-Trump enough although I was the sitting chair of the Maryland Republican Party.”

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Craig also revealed, “The flood gates were opened, but Omarosa held all of us to a different standard. She had say over a lot of the Black resumes. I know for a fact from promises that she made us directly.”

Eugene Craig said he realized Omarosa was disingenuous during a January 2017 conference call with the Republican National Committee, which was “specifically for African-American activists and party loyalists.” He claimed that during the middle of the call, Omarosa jumped on “and she made us these promises that this would be the most diverse administration in history.

And she’ll help us with whatever we need and wherever we wanted to go into government and to shoot our resumes over to her and she gave us her official transition email. She said this administration has a goal of having 25 percent minority hiring. They wanted 25 percent of the work force to be Black and Hispanic…So she positioned herself as the end all be all for Black things; for Black people in the administration,” Obviously, according to Omarosa’s own words, that never happened.

Ayshia Connors, the former deputy director of African-American engagement at the Republican National Committee, alleges there were thousands of resumes submitted by Black Republicans but “Omarosa literally trashed those names. Nobody got a call back.

Nobody got an interview. Nobody was every heard about again. People tried to go in. People were eager and willing to serve the President, willing to serve our country. But Omarosa, she didn’t want other Black Republicans there. She wanted to be the big shot. She wanted to be the only one.”

Connors also revealed that even during Black History Month, Omarosa shut out Black Republicans, “She didn’t invite any of the prominent Black Republicans. In fact, we had folks calling us from the White House calling and saying, ‘Why aren’t your names on the list for this event?’ It was very evident from the beginning that she wasn’t going to work with us and that she was just going to do her own thing.”

Dr. Ron Daniels, president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, claimed Omarosa isn’t really a Republican, “She had been in Democratic politics and all that. I think Omarosa saw an opportunity to advance her own interests and that is why she was blocking everybody else in terms of the Republicans who wanted to get close. She wanted to be the Queen Bee. She wanted to be able to fire folks, metaphorically speaking, or block people.

That’s not a good thing. But the idea that if she had opened the floodgates of somehow having more Ben Carsons or more Clarence Thomases or people like that, [that would not have been a good thing either]. But I don’t think Omarosa was there advocating. It was really stunning to see her make that transformation.”

The Cincinnati Herald could not find anyone on record to defend Omarosa. Clearly, Omarosa is the ultimate opportunist. We’ll see how life treats her after The White House.

SOURCE: The Cincinnati Herald




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23 thoughts on “Black Republicans Say Omarosa Blocked Them From White House Jobs

  1. George on said:

    Man! There’s a lot of hate on this site today! The economy is doing well but we can’t forget Obama did hand him a great economy and why so much hate for 44, is it the crabs in a barrel mentality? Let’s hope 45 keeps our economy going and find away to bring us together. The Bible does say, what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his one and…just sayin .

  2. leadjustone on said:

    This woman has always been a self promoting a hole. Why were they surprised when old mule face showed her true colors? I hope no one buys her book of lies, which she is probably working on right now!

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Mac Daddy is Jhuff, he has to post under two different names to cosign his own bulls**t.

    • I remember this photo what made it so bad it was put in a side by side comparison to Vladimir Putin riding shirtless on a horse it’s like the captions should have read Vlad: I just came from kicking some serious azz Obama: Honey hurry home your warm soy milk to help you sleep is getting cold

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Anybody who supports trump and then gets f****d by him or anyone associated with him, deserves it, even more so if you have non-white skin. I expect white folks to love him because they are stupid, but black folks should be much smarter than this. I guess not even the highest of education can make you a wise person. These coons willing to ride off the cliff following behind a known racist and man-child gets nada, nuffin’ from me, if you’re looking for sympathy look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis lol.

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    In the month of December, the unemployment rate for black Americans dropped to just 6.8 percent, which is the lowest ever recorded. Prior to this month, the previous record was 7.4 percent in 2000. These are facts, not lies. Trump is doing exactly what he promised loyal Americans he would do. And you hate it. Oh well, tough luck racist.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    Mac Daddy & Jhuf (who are obviously the same person)
    America will be great again as soon as trump and & family goes to prison. Even racist Steve Bannon knows trump will be impeached & he won’t make it through 2018! Sorry but you can’t change the fate of FAILING trump by lying about his greatness.

  6. Mac Daddy on said:

    Many companies — nearly 100, according to The Daily Wire — have announced bonuses, wage hikes and charitable donations because of the comprehensive tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law in late December.
    In December, for instance, whereas employers cut only 32,423 jobs, they hired a stunning 250,000 new employees, according to CNBC, bringing the net to 217,577 jobs created.

  7. Passing Through!! on said:

    She said this administration has a goal of having 25 percent minority hiring. Omarosa isn’t really a Republican, “She had been in Democratic politics and all that. I think Omarosa saw an opportunity to advance her own interests and that is why she was blocking everybody else in terms of the Republicans who wanted to get close. She wanted to be the Queen Bee
    And now Queen Bee has no job. Omaosa is a liar and a fraud, that’s why she clicks so well with trump. And to all of the black Republikcoons line up and ready to board the trump train that’s going full speed ahead over the cliff, the job blocking wasn’t all of Omarosa’s doing because trump had no intention of making his cabinet DIVERSE. If you’re stupid enough to believe this openly racist fool was going to hire 25% minorities in his administration than shame on you that’s egg in your face. Omarosa and Looney Ben are nothing but black showcase negros when Rebuplikkkans want to lie to black colleges, make an appearance at the Black History Museum or honor MLK day or let that sissy Tim Scott take the podium to praise & boot lick trump for that shi**y tax bill. 45 cares absolutely nothing about black people, not even the black dummies who support him. He gave Omarosa 5 minutes of face time and fired her black ass so what do you think the odds are of any other black person getting their foot in the door.

  8. Guest1 on said:

    Who actually gives a sh!t that these mofo’s didn’t get a job in 45’s administration? They actually wanted to jump on the train that’s going off the cliff? They should be glad she effed them over. Look at her @ss now. She doesn’t’ even have a job.

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