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It’s a new year which means lots of people are trying to get their bodies right. We have great intentions but don’t always know how to do it. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with fitness and wellness expert Coach Jaz to get some tips to get your year started right!

People are usually filled with excitement and think themselves ready for a good workout when they really aren’t.

“Well, the whole idea is you have to realize what your current level of fitness is,” explained Jaz. “The first thing that I tell people is that mentally your body is ready,” but physically you may not be.  She cautioned, “It’s very important that you ease into any program.”

There are many things to consider when working out, but Coach Jaz explains that self-care is important.

“Self-care has to be a priority,” explains Jaz. “So I would suggest that people look into a gym that’s in the area, it can be a boutique like we do and really invest in yourself. Put yourself in an environment where you can learn.”

And probably the hardest part about working out is the eating! Apparently, we can’t eat whatever we want.

“No, No, No, absolutely not. Believe it or not, the majority of your transformation comes from your diet,” expressed Jaz. “You have to be held accountable for what you are putting into your system. Your nutrition is the biggest part of the pie.”

Catch up with Coach Jaz at her gym The Fitness Sanctuary in New York and follow her on social media at @fitnesssanctuarynyc on Instagram.


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