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The #MeToo movement took social media by storm in the wake of multiple sexual assault cases that have swept through the entertainment and political sphere.

Tarana Burke the founder of the #MeToo movement has been working on fighting against sexual assault for the last 10 years to make life better for survivors. She along with several others were awarded the Times Magazine “Person Of The Year.”

This New Year’s Eve she has been given the honor of pressing the button to drop the ball into the New Year in New York City. Jacque Reid goes inside her story with Tarana Burke.

“Honestly randomly, I got an email to our website to the MeToo movement website with an invitation,” explained Burke.

When Time’s Magazine came out with their cover featuring Burke, Taylor Swift, and a few other celebrities Black Twitter got upset, however, Burke had a different response.

“I really one appreciated people’s love and support,” however, she explained that,  “people didn’t even know who I was three months ago. I’m emboldened by the support that I get from black women but especially from women all over the world.”

Burke has high hopes for the MeToo movement in 2018, hoping that the organization can extend its reach.

“Travelling and spreading the message of #MeToo and supporting survivors. #MeToo is one part of a larger movement in sexual violence. I feel like 2018 will be larger movements and we’ll see more action happen in various ways,” expressed Burke.

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