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Doug Jones has been elected as the democratic Senator-elect in Alabama after a close and drama filled race. Even after winning, Roy Moore refuses to concede but Jones continues to look toward the future. Roland Martin talks with Jones about the election and the future.

It’s no secret that African-Americans came out to vote and were responsible for helping Jones win.

‘No question about it, I mean it was an incredible effort. It was a combination of as they say boots on the ground and a massive effort on knocking on the doors,” explained Jones. “Leaders across the state who got behind the campaign. And the messages that we were talking about.”

Since African-Americans were the main impetus for getting Jones elected, Martin asks if his new staff will reflect the people that voted for him.

“Absolutely, we have started the process of gathering our resumes. You know I’ll be honest with you,” expressed Joens.  “The one great thing really for me that has been so gratifying is that with all the attention that this race has garnered we’re attracting some really top talent from both within Alabama and outside the state.”

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