Roland Martin: Black People Showed Up And Here’s How


After a long and heated Senate race in Alabama  Democrat Doug Jones has been declared the winner. Residents of Alabama showed up and voted to get Jones in. And now that he’s there what was really done to make this happen.

In a roundtable discussion, Roland Martin talks with Roy Johnson from, LeTasha Brown the head of the Black Votes Matter fund, Dejuana Thompson creator of WokeVote, Pastor Scott Douglas executive director of the Greater Birmingham Ministries, Alabama Senator Hank Sanders, Craig Card chairman of African-American studies at Howard University, Reno Shobara, and Spencer Overton on what it took to get the Black community out and voting.

Black People showed up to the polls yesterday and Johnson believes that, “they proved to Democrats what we’ve always said, that Black folks matter. This was a historical election that was clearly affected and made happen by Black voters,” explained Johnson.

“It is very very important that we start organizing early. When we start organizing early even with limited resources, we can have a massive impact,” explained Senator Sanders.

So many people came together to ensure Black people got out and voted in this Senate race. We not only acknowledge them but we thank them for their involvement.

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Making History: African American Politicians Breaking Boundaries
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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Black People Showed Up And Here’s How

  1. Jeffrey Prince on said:

    It was a very good thing that our black people came out of wasn’t all us but GOD came out,showed out, alerted be known that he didn’t want a Man that stated Jesus Jesus but didn’t really know him, did just what the America white men had been doing even before slavery with the women back ,he didn’t like it tjan, he don’t like no one messing around with children…. Not time did stated that asked Gods for giveness.

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