DNC Chair Tom Perez Talks About How The Party Plans On Reaching African-Americans


Roland Martin talks to Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, about the steps that went into reaching African-Americans during Doug Jones‘ campaign and their plans for building on their victory.

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6 thoughts on “DNC Chair Tom Perez Talks About How The Party Plans On Reaching African-Americans

  1. Donna James on said:

    It seems like every show TVOne has aired that brings light of our people, the struggle of relationships and the impactment of our sons, has been pulled for instance News One Now, Save my Son and Love addiction. Instead they keep Fatal attraction and they play the same shows fifty million times. TVOne…GET A CLUE.

  2. Dear Chairman Perez: If you have a moment, please read my letter to our federal leaders concerning taxes. “Dear President Trump, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Speaker Paul Ryan, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Bernie Sanders: I can save the Treasury Department and its tax collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service, a lot of work and headaches with a slight revision to our federal tax code with YOUR help. I am NOT Santa Claus, but since it is Christmas and Chanukkah time I’d like to give every working person in the USA a BIG raise by lowering their taxes. Congress, let’s try the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Replace the personal income tax, which unfairly burdens and punishes working people, with my 1% solution: a 1% tax on real estate, luxuries like yachts, fancy cars, jewelry, and art purchases, stocks, bonds, and cash deposits. Tangible assets cannot easily be hidden by secretive law firms on a small island in the Caribbean, or off the coast of England. And Congress, please give us retired workers struggling to survive on Social Security a RETROACTIVE cost of living increase equal to what you members of Congress have been giving yourselves and federal employees all these years. At least give us enough to buy a few cups of senior coffee at McDonald’s! That coffee is nice and warm at Christmas time! Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah! Your friend, Gary J. Minter (one of the “Little People” who pays taxes)”

  3. WHY BLACK WOMEN !!! pay attention !! this is the same tactics that the slave master used..promote the black woman so she will no longer depend on the Black man ..once that’s done she will de-value that Black man , cast him aside and depend on the White man (GOVERNMENT)..When Black MEN become SOOO weak !!!! No other group are promoting the women so much above the man …WOW !!!

  4. Oh!!! Well it’s wise of them to start back to focusing on more than just Gays and Illegal immigrants, but they’re still missing the mark why not reach out to ALL Americans

  5. The Dems need to regroup and REFOCUS.
    They need to take a page from Doug Jones successful US Senate campaign.
    DAMN VOTES!!!!!!!!!

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