Ron Funches Gives His Tips On Staying Healthy During The Holidays


Comedian Ron Funches is laughing a little lighter these days as he’s lost 130 pounds! Tom was so happy and told him how good he looked especially since it’s Take A Loved One To The Doctor season.

“I was at 360 at my heaviest. So I lost 130 of that,” explained Funches. “And yeah I’m still active at it, working on it…I’m trying to just get under 200 pounds see if I can live there for a minute and see how healthy I can be,” expressed Funches.

He’s done a great job so far but Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and that can be really tough to keep the weight off.

“I just try to make sure I limit it to that one time, one day. And then I get rid of all my leftovers. Luckily all my friends are poor, ” he laughed.

Check out Funches at Caroline’s On Broadway November 17-18.

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