Chrisette Michele On Inauguration: ‘Black Twitter Is Not All Of Black America’


If you thought it was over for Chrisette Michele, think again. The Grammy Award winner has new music, a new podcast and a new political agenda?


She talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her decision to accept Donald Trump’s invitation to perform at his Inauguration, her new single New Moon and a possible future into politics.

How has her career changed since performing at the Inauguration?


“They’ve been the same. people thought that I wasn’t going to work anymore. I work for myself. I don’t fire myself. I’ve got great friends in the industry still that keep booking us. I think that we think that Black Twitter is the voice for of all Black America.”

Did Lil’ Mo get fired for defending her?

“I was so afraid for her. She and I are good friends. We actually have a podcast coming out today actually, called No Political Genius Taboo. She’ll explain in more detail. But I felt terrible.”


Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

Presidential Election 2016: Celebrity Endorsements
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21 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele On Inauguration: ‘Black Twitter Is Not All Of Black America’

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I’m black and not on any twitter. She made her choice, so not sure why she keeps explaining it. People who like her will support her people who don’t…won’t. That’s really it in a nut shell.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Exactly…I don’t even know what Twitter is and I’m happy to say that…if a grown person has enough time to stalk people through the internet, they need to find more things to occupy their time.

  2. I am not on Twitter,however we as people have a right to feel how we feel and if we felt a certain way about trump because of the way he ran his election and appealed to a certain base so be it. Ms. Michelle you don’t have to keep explaining why you performed that was your prerogative! Own it! Personally I would rather focus on those that turned it down Kirk Franklin,Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen to name a few. I wish you well but we as African Americans hath to do better when comes to us. You performed for a man who takes pride in questioning Pres. Obamas birth, come on!

  3. Chrisette, hope you saved your money from Trump. He is not into Black America and not into you. He just needed someone Black to show up and you jumped because you needed the money. You actually thought he would meet and greet you. A laugh! I don’t do twitter and I would not go to of any your concerts. It is not a Black twitter thing like you think. We have Black pride and have no love for a racist who denied President Obama was president for 8 years. We are Black and intelligent! We think for ourselves.

  4. Chrisette, you don’t have to be political nor have a degree in politics to notice that trump ran his campaign on hate. Where were you the pass year plus? Just admit you wanted to money. There are things more valuable than money. The bus boycott wouldn’t have been successful if only half of us walked to work/school. It was successful because we work together. SMH…and shame on you!

  5. I won’t support her 93% of black women didn’t vote for trump, her main supporters are black women… It amazes me that black people accept any behavior… You go girl perform for a bigot you go girl perform for a man who said the first black president wasn’t American… I heard her breakfast club interview and she was promoting some tv show about politics… So let’s see what happens without black support.

  6. ANNIE B on said:

    First of all what is a black twitter? Because I am black and I don’t twit. I thought all twitter is twitter. She should be a shame of herself performing for someone like that!! Again all money is not good money!!

  7. Mac Ben on said:

    First of all there is no “Black Twitter”, just a bunch of black folks with Obama phones in the library over Wi-Fi using Twiitter. The white dude who created Twitter should sue for “cultural appropriation”.

  8. ButterPecan on said:

    Stop making excuses and just admit that you F**KED UP! Glad I haven’t spent a dime on anything with your name on it. GIRL BYE!

  9. redbone1954 on said:

    No shade but can you just let this go.Yoi did what you wanted to do and then people were angry about it but what can be accomplished by continuing to talk about NOTHING!!!!! If that was your decision good stand by it and let it go good grief. and the people that are still mad need to get over it it’s done!

  10. I think it’s a bit too early for her to toot that horn but time will tell. The new music has to sell and her followers still need to pay those hard earned bucks to see her perform. Not saying she doesn’t have other avenues to keep it moving.

  11. As I’v said before all the nay sayers and hacks that just repeat what they hear
    From those who are themselves clueless all publicity is good as they say in Hollywood
    And she’s correct those of us with jobs don’t have time for Twitter nor do we go along with “crowd think”

  12. Really Chrisette music great but really hey guest it right for guy s to grap your Va..jja too next time your tour hey maybe have conversation about that….Really…it ok
    that when made some money but you to good to be aHoe to the System Really…TomJ really she don’t deserve the plate form. You gave her..let her go to Fox News and have conversation Really

  13. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    She was on the Breakfast Club, and I would encourage all to find it and listen to it. She stated that she wanted to start a dialog, and voice the concerns of the African American community. However she was not given a platform to do so nor did she even meet and have a conversation with anyone that is in a position to relay those thoughts to her president trump. You were there for one thing only to sing and she was paid for it so dont try to justify it as something that it is NOT! You were there to sing, you were paid and that is it! It wasnt a round table meeting or an open forum with her president trump. Call it what it is “a paid performance”…………and honestly to add some color!

  14. She has a bueatiful voice. As much as I dislike the trumpster, I applaud her for being true to herself. She should keep “doing her”. She has to look out for herself. No body is giving her anything.

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      She was true to herself only not her loyal fan base and African American community – and that was dont pass up on easy money!

      • There was nothing easy about it. And she is correct. Black twitter is only a very small portion of the population. I’ve said over and over that Ms. Michele would be just fine. I didn’t even know who she was before this silliness started. Good for her for not stampeding with the herd and following her own mind. Good girl!

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