Roland Martin Says It’s Time To ‘Stand Up And Say Something’


35-year-old Jason Stockley was acquitted for the 2011 shooting and killing 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith and the city of St.Louis went on a protest.

Board member of the Ethical Society of Police, Reddit Hudson is responsible for the video being released explained why Jason Stockley should have gone to jail.

He explained, “We actually put that video out ahead of the verdict. Not only was DNA found on the gun, but some of his DNA was found under the screws of the gun. He should have been convicted.”

Hudson said it’s important to, “pull together our black law enforcement and fight it from the inside whether you’re retired, current or former officer. We are in the best position to do it.”

Roland Martin added that it’s time for Black officers to, “stand up and say something and not just hide in the shadows.”

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4 thoughts on “Roland Martin Says It’s Time To ‘Stand Up And Say Something’

  1. This and the murder of two black men in Louisiana, by the way the white killer was also released, time to stop putting up with this attack on Black America and bite back.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Yep, it is sad that this verdict was expected.
    Just want to know tho, how come there was no DNA evidence from Smith (victim) found on the planted gun, oh wait, did I answer my own question? How did the judge reconcile that?

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