Morning Minute: Jim Brown & Ray Lewis Are Maids At Trump Tower


08/24/17- There was a protest in front of the NFL Headquarters yesterday in support of Colin Kaepernick. The NAACP, members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and even Susan Sarandon showed up but you couldn’t find former NFL players Jim Brown and Ray Lewis anywhere! They were too busy house keeping at Trump Tower!

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One thought on “Morning Minute: Jim Brown & Ray Lewis Are Maids At Trump Tower

  1. Joe Gonzales on said:

    shame on the editor of this article. Ray Lewis and Jim Brown I’ve done more for black people than this stupid a****** this writing this article. How disrespectful are you you f****** a******. I love to meet you in a dark alley and wring your neck you prick. You are talking about the black communities real heroes Jim Brown and Ray Lewis that have invested millions of dollars to help a black folks. Colin Kaepernick is a millionaire football player that doesn’t have one tenth of the skills of these two gentlemen’s. Colin Kaepernick was raised in a white middle class sorry upper-middle-class family in Wisconsin. His black father who was a pimp red white woman who was his prostitute that gave birth to Colin Kaepernick whom she handed over to the white family in Wisconsin. Kaepernick by his own admission, never suffered had a great life was adopted by the white family was given brand new cars went to the best schools all courtesy of his Rich fights and mother and father in Wisconsin who adopted biracial kid like Colin Kaepernick. Let me remind the writer of this article the do so-called black father of Colin Kaepernick never acknowledged him. So before you talk you piece of s*** you better get your facts straight a******

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